About Mike Casey


Mike Casey was born in Texas but grew up most of his life in Manhattan, Kansas. In 2005 Mike moved to Kansas City and worked for several years until he embarked on a journey to Mexico where he served as a full-time missionary through an organization called Youth With A Mission. Afterwards Mike relocated back to Kansas City, started studying natural health and eventually joined staff with Spirit of Health in 2015.

Throughout his time in Kansas City, Mike has continually pursued higher levels of education in the natural health field. He has graduated as a Certified Regenerative Detoxification Specialist and an Advanced Clinical Iridologist through Dr. Morse’s International School of Detoxification. Mike holds three certifications from working under Dr. Morse, specializing in detoxification, cellular regeneration, holistic healing, Iridology, and herbal protocols. In 2016, Mike received two certifications in Iridology through the Bernard Jensen International Institute, as well as through the University of Natural Medicine. Mike also holds certifications through the International Institute of Iridology, founded by Dr. David J Pesek, in Fundamental Intermediate, and Advanced Holistic Iridology. His love and enjoyment of athletics is shown by his studies of Holistic Sports Nutrition through The College of Natural Health as well.

Mike has a passion to educate people about the body, how God designed the body, and its ability to heal itself given the proper circumstances. He firmly believes that true health comes from having balance on all levels, starting first with the spiritual, then emotional, mental and physical. Mike enjoys helping people understand how to partner with God in their health and desires to give hope to others that anything can be overcome. Mike’s heart is to take his knowledge and experience in the natural health field and empower the nations to take back their health as well as connect with their Creator in the process.