About Vaughn Lawrence

Naturopathic Practitioner and Herbalist

Vaughn PicVaughn Lawrence is originally from the Kansas City area. After receiving a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Kansas, Vaughn relocated to the Las Vegas area in 2000. While in Las Vegas, Vaughn received his doctorate of Naturopathy from Clayton College of Natural Health and received training from three master herbalists. Vaughn proceeded to work in the Las Vegas area as a health food store manager, educator, practitioner and consultant.

In 2010 Vaughn returned to Kansas City and founded Spirit of Health LLC. Vaughn has also received certifications as a colon hydrotherapist, nutrition response testing practitioner through Ulan Nutritionals, GAPS diet practitioner, certified dietary supplement specialist, and iridologist through the Bernard Jensen International Institute.

Vaughn firmly believes that God created everything we need to be healthy, but that our world has strayed away from God’s original design through a modern diet that has become reliant on convenience foods and a modern lifestyle filled with chemicals and synthetic drugs. The sickness and disease we see in our world today is largely a result of a misalignment with God’s natural created order. Vaughn’s heart is to understand and explain health from a Biblical perspective in order to help people realign with their Creator in body, soul and spirit. Vaughn and his wife Jennifer have two beautiful girls and have a sincere passion and desire is to see families empowered with practical and Biblical wisdom in order to raise up healthy future generations.