Vaughn’s Philosophy on Healing

If what I say in this section resonates with you, I would be blessed and honored to assist in your healing efforts. Here is my philosophy on healing.

God is the source of all life, therefore the source of all healing

God created you. He created a perfect organism in His likeness. Yes, He can heal our problems, but he enjoys it when we learn to heal through cooperating with His plan and design. Your body is your responsibility. There is plenty of scripture regarding health and lifestyle choices. Please check out the Biblical Healing section for more information on this. There is a spiritual side to healing as well. We hear over and over about the connection between mind, body and spirit. This is a profound truth.

God has a better way

God made everything perfect. He gave us fruits, nuts, seeds, plants and life on this planet. All grasses are edible for a reason. Very few plants are toxic, and even those that are can be used as valuable medicines when used appropriately. Foods that we grow in our own gardens and herbs harvested in the wild can give us everything we need to be in perfect health.  He is the God of sunshine, fresh water, clean air and healthy foods.  This used to be our way of life.  Life has changed. 

Man has industrialized our world, created thousands of toxic chemicals, sprayed our “food” with pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, pasteurized and homogenized our dairy products.  Because of this, life giving properties of food have been destroyed, genetically modified and corrupted.  Our air, rivers, streams and oceans have become polluted and we are now living in a fast-food generation void of life force.  Our food supply is filled with artificial flavors, fillers and preservatives, and the list goes on. This is not the world God created. It’s time to take back our world, our body and our health!  Choose what God created. Choose life.

There is no magic pill, no silver bullet, and no quick fixes for chronic sickness and disease

Modern medicine has made billions and billions of dollars with this concept of the magic pill. Eat what you want, drink what you want, live how you want and if you get sick take this pill. If you have a disease, try this pill. 

How many people question the doctor? What are you putting in your body? Who manufactured it? What are the ingredients? What are the side effects? What exactly does this do to my body?  We need to ask questions. Educate yourself about what you are doing to your body. It’s your body! 

Modern medicine often puts band aids on symptoms. If you are not well, most likely this issue has been festering over a period of weeks, months or even years. Most illnesses do not just suddenly happen.  There is a cause and effect relationship that exists within all of creation.  Discover the cause, the root of your illness. Don’t just treat the symptoms with a band-aid or a magic pill.  Long-term healing usually requires effort.

Healing requires effort

Health issues build over a period of time. What we consider sickness, illness or disease is an outward manifestation of the body asking for help. Therefore, we cannot always expect a miracle healing overnight. If God chooses to intervene, and heal us, praise God.  He does this often and we love it, but we must also pursue Him in discovering other ways of healing as well.  God wants us to take care of our body (His temple) while on this earth. There is information on this in the Biblical Healing section. 

Healing often involves a “healing crisis.” This is where we often feel worse before we feel better. This is quite common and an important step in the healing process. Embrace it. By understanding what is happening, we can more easily get through this phase. Understand that we may require a series of cleanses depending on the issue. Know that the body can and will heal itself if we embrace and cooperate with God’s principles of design.

Healing requires cleansing

Throughout history people have embraced cleansing as part of caring for the human body.  Unfortunately, modern medicine has not only ignored cleansing, but they often ridicule it.  The Egyptians, Romans, Greeks and every other culture throughout history has documented using enemas, fasting and other cleansing methods.  Fasting is mentioned over and over in ancient documents, and in the Bible. Colonics and enemas were discussed and performed throughout history for healing benefits. 

It is so obvious to us to change air filters, oil filters, etc. but never cleanse our own bodies.

Illness in the body manifests from a toxic body, called toxemia. Modern medicine often attaches names on how the illness manifests itself. What are names for a toxic and sick colon; Colitis, Crohn’s, IBS?  Yet doctors often tell you that the colon is self cleansing and there is no need to ever do a cleanse or colonic. The statistics show otherwise because there are over 70,000 colons removed every year, colon cancer is the second most common cancer today, and half a billion dollars is spent on laxatives.