10-Day Colon Cleanse

Colon Cleanse Program

Hippocrates once said “For all patient complaints, look to the spine and look to the bowels.”

What we eat and how we care for our intestinal tract ultimately determines our health. This is how we get nutrients delivered to our entire body and how large portions of waste are eliminated. Unfortunately for many, the opposite begins to happen. A clogged and congested colon can no longer digest and deliver nutrients to the body, and waste begins to accumulate and backup in the entire body. This can start the process of sickness and disease. The colon is always a great place to start with cleansing.

7 Therapeutic Effects of Colon Cleansing

    1. Colon cleansing improves muscle tone.
    2. Colon cleansing minimizes the absorption of toxic waste.
    3. Colon cleansing promotes a flowing and moving body system (rather than stagnate, inactive, clogged bowels.).
    4. Colon cleansing balances & cleanses the colon.
    5. Colon cleansing may strengthen the intestines and improve function of the colon.
    6. Colon cleansing may help eliminate poisons from the body.
    7. Colon cleansing may be a good preventative measure, as it is theorized that many diseases begin in the gastrointestinal track. An abnormally functioning colon may be a precursor to illness, and proper elimination is a natural way to maintain and restore health.

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