21-Day Microbe & Parasite Cleanse

Microbe and parasite cleanse

21-Day Microbe & Parasite Cleanse

The reason we are calling this the “Microbe & Parasite Cleanse” is because there are many different infectious organisms that are causing problems with people today. Doctors are handing out antibiotics to everyone, and have been doing so for almost 100 years. We know infections are a major problem, but do we fully realize the extent of how they make us feel miserable and ruin people’s lives? Yeast, fungus, mold, mycotoxins and candida are just a few of the various terms related to the overgrowth of infectious organisms. The infection in the body is a living organism that eats, breathes, and yes, poops. This is what is creating the acidic condition of the body and the miserable symptoms most people have. The waste created is acetyldehyde, a toxic alcohol byproduct to the surrounding tissues and organs.

Believe it or not, these organisms are there for a reason. They are designed, by God, to break down and recycle waste. They thrive in acidic, unhealthy environments. They are the cleanup crew and are put into action when the conditions are right, usually in a congested, acidic and unhealthy body. Because we are a few generations into choosing man-made food and pharmaceutical drugs, and have abandoned most of the natural things of God, our children are getting weaker and weaker with each generation. Newborns are now being born with candida overgrowth (thrush, eczema, cradle cap…yes these are signs of candida!) and we are completely out of tune with how to bring balance back to the body because we do not understand God’s design of our bodies and the earth we live in. We continue to choose processed foods, chemical drugs, antibiotics, birth control pills, pesticides and synthetic hormones and we wonder how our immune systems have gotten so weak. It is because of the destructive effect that these choices have on our guts, healthy bacteria, kidneys, lymph and the rest of our bodies that we find ourselves in the crisis we are in today.

If you have chronic illness, have suffered for years with sickness, pain and degeneration, there is a 99% chance you have chronic systemic infection.


To fully heal from these issues, it takes patience and diligence. The “candida-diet” for 2 weeks isn’t enough. We must set our minds on lifestyle change, long-term focus. It takes a combination of good diet (not feeding the infections), eliminating the infectious organisms and cleansing the body to restore a healthy environment (alaklinity) within the body. Then we will see the rebuilding of our immune system. Remember that when your fish gets sick, you don’t try to heal the fish before you clean up the fish tank! Cleaning up your environment requires a targeted approach…

Step 1: Starve the infection.
Step 2: Kill the infection.
Step 3: Cleanse out the waste of dead infection.
Step 4: Maintain a healthy internal environment through diet and cleansing the lymph & liver. 

This program is designed as a 21-day “jumpstart,” to a new life. For people with chronic illness, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, lyme’s disease, cancer, yeast infections, UTI’s, constant sickness with pneumonia, bronchitis etc. it can take months, or even years of consistent lifestyle changes. However, these 21-days will give you hope and encouragement that you can and will get better! Look for long-term maintenance tips at the end of the cleanse document.

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