21-Day Kidney Cleanse

Kidney Cleanse Program

The kidneys are a critical detoxification organ inside your body. The kidneys are responsible for not only processing all liquids that enter the body, but also for filtering and eliminating lymph fluid. Their #1 job is to keep your blood clean and healthy, which it does by the removal of waste out of your lymphatic system. They also maintain a proper fluid balance within the body, balancing salt, potassium and acids. Acids are the waste product of basic metabolism that must be eliminated by the body. If they build up, it can cause damage in the body. The ability of the kidneys to remove this acid waste is vital to your health!

ALL kidney issues are from excess acidity. Kidney stones are due to excess acidity and the build-up of inorganic minerals, mostly due to the consumption of processed foods and tap water. Bladder infections are also from an acidic environment that allows infections to thrive. It is imperative to switch over to an alkaline diet full of greens, fruits, vegetables and clean water.

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