Fermented Foods

Welcome to the Spirit of Health recipe section for fermented foods.  At Spirit of Health, we want to give you our general philosophy for the key to good health.  Your health is mainly dependent on the food choices you make each and every day.  Most of us don’t understand what food is anymore.  Many think they are eating healthy, yet 90% of what Americans eat is not food!  Food is raw, living plants that God created, and we recommend eating 80% raw, 20% cooked foods.  We encourage eliminating all dairy, wheat and all other grains (this takes care of gluten), soy, all sugar except fruit and honey, all rancid oil like vegetables oils, and all processed refined, packaged foods.  If your question is “So what do I eat?” then you have come to the right section.  All of these recipes eliminate the above, and for those with more restrictive diets, we even have recipes that do not even use fruit or honey.  Learn how to enjoy food that tastes amazing, is still in God’s original form, and will restore health to your body!