GPL-SNP 1000: DNA Sequencing Profile



The Great Plains Laboratory is excited to announce our brand new genetics test, GPL-SNP1000. This test is the most comprehensive test for alterations in the genetic code in the pathways that are most important for integrative medicine. This test looks at nine core groups of genes which are crucial for many different biological pathways. Previous to GPL-SNP1000, most genetic tests have only looked at a small subset of genes and very few SNPs (single-nucleotide polymorphisms). GPL-SNP1000 includes over 1,000 different SNPs and over 144 different genes. For example, Dr. Amy Yasko’s Nutrigenomics Test includes just 30 SNPs over 13 genes.  Our cost per SNP is just $00.67 versus $16.50.  See the chart below for a side-by-side comparison of the two tests organized by pathway.

Here are the pathways that GPL-SNP1000 assesses:

  • DNA Methylation
  • Oxalate Metabolism
  • Mental Disorders / SAM-E/B12 Metabolism
  • Gluten Opioid Peptide Homeostasis
  • Autism Spectrum Genes
  • P450s (cyps)
  • Cholesterol Deficiency
  • Acetaminophen Toxification/Detoxification
  • Transporters

GPL-SNP1000 will help you understand how these nine genetic pathways are performing in your patients. We specifically selected these pathways because of their importance in overall health. This test will help you understand your patients’ risks for developing different disorders and guide you to the best treatment for your patients. We believe that GPL-SNP1000 in combination with the Organic Acids Test is a powerhouse of diagnostics (both genetic and metabolic) for your patients, unlike anything else available.