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The interconnection of total body movement with whole body health to bring about alignment and vitality.



Get your body Rebalanced. 

Whole Pilates is a studio that provides a place for healing movement to occur for every individual. 

Our modern lifestyles and culture are direct contributors to dysfunctional patterns that can cause chronic pain and muscular and postural imbalances within our bodies.  We believe that the interconnection of total body movement with whole body health will bring about alignment and vitality for you to find the original balance you were born with.  Pilates is an ideal way to experience the integration of mind and body as the key to accessing rebalancing.  Pilates originated in the 1920’s by Joseph Pilates as a method of exercise to increase the body’s overall flexibility, strength, endurance, and control. The Pilates principles are applicable today as practicing Pilates regularly helps you build a strong, flexible, uniformly well-developed body.  At Whole Pilates, our goal is to improve the alignment and movement of the body from a whole body perspective. Pilates can be catered to the high functioning athlete looking to enhance performance, as well as the aging population desiring freedom of movement and function and anywhere in between.






All of our instructors come with a wealth of knowledge of the human body.   In addition to our current physical therapy and Pilates practices, we each have over a decade of instructional experience in artistic movement and dance.  We also carry certified specialties in Pilates for Osteoporosis and the pre & post natal client.  Whole Pilates offers a safe and unique movement experience to increase body awareness, fitness, and functional movement. Clients can choose to work one-on-one or in a small group setting tailored towards reaching their individual goals.

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  • Wellness, Alignment & Movement Assessment
    Wellness, Alignment & Movement Assessment

    One private introductory session is required for all clients to orient to the Pilates equipment. Included will be testing for cardiovascular fitness level, assessment of static and dynamic postural alignment & movement, as well as goal evaluation based on individualized strengths & weaknesses…

  • Group Mat Class
    Group Mat Class

    Group mat classes are a great way to experience the power of Pilates in an energetic environment with fellow classmates and friends. Whole Pilates group mat classes are designed to increase an individual’s body awareness, alignment, strength and mobility through various floor exercises…

  • Clinical Sessions
    Clinical Sessions

    Private clinical sessions are personally designed by one of our qualified instructors to address any long standing chronic pain or dysfunction in the body. A clinical session is ideal for those with any movement restrictions who may suffer from repeated injuries, joint discomfort or disability, who function at a high (athlete) or low (aging population) level…

  • Fitness Sessions
    Fitness Sessions

    Pilates Fitness sessions help fine tune and/or reestablish an individual’s fitness level and abilities. Fitness sessions can either be private or semi-private and are ideal for individuals without movement restrictions that prefer individual attention in a one-on-one or small group experience to meet their personal goals…

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