Dangers of Hormone Therapy

Hormones are an important and often confusing topic.  They can literally make or break how we feel. Hormones relate to stress, anxiety, joy, happiness, energy, metabolism, digestion, sleep, sexual function, fertility and almost every other human function.  And we have become so desperate to feel balanced, we have gone to extremes trying to figure out how to "balance our hormones."  So why does our world seem to have a hormonal crisis?

As with so many other issues in our world, there is God's natural way and then there is the path man has pioneered.  More and more, I am seeing we need God more than ever before, especially when it comes to health and hormones.  We have gone the route of synthetic chemicals, premarin (pregnant mare's urine), birth control, Hormone Replacement Therapy (more synthetic chemicals) and now to the confusing world of "bio-identical" and "natural" hormones.   

We are fooled by "bio-identical," and told it is natural.  It is not.  These bio-identical components can be from plants, animals or synthetics.  You can't re-create God.  You can’t replicate the molecular structure of estrogen out of petroleum based components and call it "bio-identical". But we do.  Even if it is from a plant, it is processed, manipulated and "compounded" at a pharmacy and told it is natural.  Have women benefited from some of these products?  You bet.  Even these chemicals that mimic something real can have an impact on the body and make us feel better to an extent.  Thousands of women have had their lives changed from taking these products.  But at what cost?  Do we actually believe we can restore our God-given hormones with chemicals and bio-identical compounds that make the body reliant on synthetic drugs?  Do we really believe that hormone imbalances come with old age or the lie that our body is so far gone that we can't heal and restore normal hormone function?

We always stand on the truth that God is the answer, not man.  God did make plants that are phytoestrogens that have an effect on the body like black cohosh and wild yam, but these are a far cry from most of the bio-identical products being sold out there and touted as “natural”.  The real answer is learning about your hormonal system and how it works.  We need quality sleep, less stress, good nutrition and herbs and foods that heal our adrenals, pituitary, pancreas, hypothalamus, thyroid, ovaries (for women) and testes (for men).

The danger from taking any man-made processed hormone balancer is that it will weaken our body and cause our glands (our natural hormone factories) to shrink or atrophy.  It is telling your body it doesn't need to work any longer.  This is why thousands have taken thyroid medications that "work" yet they continually must increase the dosage as their thyroid grows weaker and weaker.  This is the man-made solution, not what God would choose to fully heal and restore our thyroids!  On top of it, we are told lies that the thyroid can't heal and we'll be on medication for life.  Great for the pharmaceutical industry, bad for you...

God is an awesome creator, designer and chemist!  Do we not think the God of the universe and the One who created our body doesn't have answers for us growing all around us?  If we get out of balance, believe and trust that God is the Re-balancer, through His creations.  Learn about magnesium, maca, ginseng, ashwagandha, licorice root, pine pollen, deer antler, kelp, holy basil, astragalus, avocado, coconut and the thousands of other gifts our Creator gave to us for health.  

And don't forget about peace, deep breathing, exercise, loving others, kind words, long walks in nature with the sun on our face, hot magnesium baths, prayer, reading your Bible, going to bed on time, unplugging the electronics, lighting candles, vacations on the beach and playtime.  Because yes, all of these things heal our hormones and sadly, many of these have been forgotten in our busy lives...

Maybe this year we venture out and try God's way.  Maybe our goal is to get off the man-made levothyroxine, synthroid, HRT, troche's, steroids, testosterone shots, estragel and the like.  God is a healer, but we must choose Him.  He is patiently waiting and hoping...  

To a happier, healthier, hormonally balanced you!  



5 Steps to Balanced Hormones:

  1. Clean up your nutrition.  Avoid processed foods, sugars (except fruit), grains and dairy products.  Focus on lots of greens, vegetables, fruits, lean meats, nuts and seeds (nuts and seeds are the reproductive parts of the plant, right?).  Avocado and coconut are super! Trying our free Eating by Design nutrition program
  2. Sleep 8 hours every night and try to be in bed by 10pm at the latest!
  3. Use herbs.  There is nothing more powerful than herbs for healing the hormones.  Here is a quick list...
    1. Adrenals - Maca, holy basil, licorice root, ashwagandha, astragalus, rhodiola, rhemmania, and ginseng
    2. Thyroid - Kelp, dulse, bladderwrack, black walnut, maca and ashwagandha
    3. Ovaries - Iodine (kelp, dulse, black walnut), maca, dong quai, chaste tree berry (vitex), wild yam, black cohosh and tribulus
    4. Testes (testosterone) - Maca, tribulus, deer antler, pine pollen, horny goat weed, stinging nettle
    5. Take the best products for hormones
      1. All the maca products for men and women by NHI (You can purchase these products at Spirit of Health in Grandview, MO). 
      2. Endocrine Balance by Dr. Morse
      3. Endocrine Strengthener by Raw Forest Foods
      4. Restore or Balance by Herbally Grounded
      5. All Wish Garden Herb products!
  4. Get sunshine, exercise and relax in nature!  Connecting to God heals hormones.