Our Favorite Makeup Line


Why Natural Makeup?

80% of what goes on your skin is absorbed into the bloodstream. We know this to be true because of the effects we see with transdermal medication (pain patches, nicotine patches, etc.). Most of the time we focus on what we eat and put inside of our bodies, but what you put on your skin is equally as important. Some of the most dangerous things to put on the skin are nanoparticles, extremely small molecules that can easily be absorbed into the body and affect cellular health. The color cosmetic industry is ladened with synthetic nanoparticles.

The first time I started paying attention to what I put on my skin was after I had an allergic reaction to makeup. My friend was selling a very popular brand of makeup, and I invited her over to my house so she could demonstrate the makeup on my skin. The next morning I work up, and my eyes were swollen shut. This event got me thinking about how makeup and other skin care products affect our internal health, so I started going through my beauty products and switching those out with natural products.

Here's a great guide we follow when looking for new products to carry. Take a look and see what's really in your makeup.


Our New Favorite Makeup Brand, Logona:

We never imagined Spirit of Health would carry makeup products, but as our customers kept requesting it and asking us for recommendations (that we didn't have), we knew we should look into this industry and see if there were any we would could sell or even recommend as an alternative for our clients. Our goal was to find truly natural products that were both pure but also credible in the beauty industry as products that work. During this time, a vendor told us about Logona. Logona was founded in Germany 35 years ago and has gone on to distribute worldwide. What we love about this is that Germany has much higher standards for skin care products than the US. Logona has set itself apart by meeting the European Certification Standards, BDIH, and NaTrue standards. These organizations are extremely strict and do regular checks on the companies that carry their certification. If the company does not meet the inspection, they lose the certification for life, never to gain it back.


Standards that Separate Logona from Popular Commercial Lines:

  1. No lecithins, paraffin/wax, petroleum or synthetics (These are often associated with allergic reactions and contribute to clogged pores and acne)
  2. No dead animal parts (mink oil is commonly used in makeup)
  3. No silicon or synthetic emulsifiers, Logona only uses natural oils
  4. No nitrosamines which are toxic compounds commonly found in color cosmetics


Standards that Separate Logona from Makeup Lines Marketed as "Natural"

  1. All ingredients and plant extracts are organic (grown at their facility) or wild-crafted (grown in the plant's natural environment which makes a stronger, more medicinal plant)
  2. All ingredients come from natural raw sources and are obtained with fair trade practices
  3. They use ingredients that benefit and enhance the health of the skin. All are “dermatologically friendly” keeping people from having reactions:
    1. Minerals are all from raw ingredients (this is a common misconception with other "natural" mineral lines)
    2. Pure botanical essential oils (which are found listed as "Parfum" on ingredient label) vs. synthetic fragrances (will be seen usually listed as "perfume" on label)
    3. Medicinal herbs such as Eyebright: a herb known to prevent inflammation in the eye follicles and prevent conjunctivitis. This herb is in all Logona eyeliners, eye shadows, and mascara
    4. Anti-aging ingredients: to battle the look of aging skin through the protection from oxidation and inflammation. &Antimicrobial Properties: To fight breakouts and prevent the
      1. Cranberry Seed Oil: Full of vitamins, minerals and omega’s; it is naturally similar to sebum to help with skin hydration, also high in vitamin E content that works to fade scarring, tones, and firms ski
      2. Apple Seed Extract: High in vitamins, minerals, and enzymes which are known to prevent wrinkles and accelerate cell regeneration with its high pectin conten
      3. Brown Algae Extract: Known to provide hydration to the skin and rebalance elasticity. It also contains anti-inflammatory propertie
    5. Raw Natural Crystals: known to provide frequencies and vibrational energy for alertness, energy, healing, and their ability as a skin conditioner (amber, amethyst, and quartz which acts as a natural sun protectant)


Tips for Using Natural Makeup:

  1. For longer lasting makeup, do not apply makeup directly after using lotions or oils on the skin. Wait for the skin to absorb the product and then apply the makeup. The added oils on the skin (even “natural”) will dilute the makeup and allow the natural makeup to fade at a faster rate and create a potential for smearing. This is especially for mascara. To prevent “smearing”: it is best to avoid oiling the eyelashes with any natural oils before applying mascara.
  2.  Use applicators like makeup sponges or brushes to prevent diluting the makeup with your fingers. You will use less makeup and get better coverage.
  3. To keep the look of liners/shadows/mascara - place a thin layer of powder on lids and lashes before applying. The powder will absorb any extra skin oils to prevent smearing.
  4. Carry any essentials in your purse for reapplication if needed!


Our Top 3 Logona Products:

  1. Foundation/Powder
  2. Eyeliner
  3. Mascara