Top 10 Supplements for Pain & Inflammation


When pain or inflammation occurs, we seek out natural products that offer quick relief or allow us to recover from chronic pain over time. Unlike over-the-counter medication, many of these natural remedies address the source of the pain and inflammation to reduce it. As an added bonus: the natural ingredients in several of these products have benefits beyond pain and inflammation for a boost in overall health and wellbeing. Here are our top 10 for pain and inflammation.


Made from a powerful blend of full spectrum hemp, turmeric, ginger and oregano, these soft gels protect the joints and reduce inflammation at an affordable price. The hemp is certified organic, while the turmeric is 100% wildcrafted offering potent anti-inflammatory properties.

Elixinol 3600mg tincture

This is Elixinol’s highest strength tincture with 3600mg of CBD oil. Made from organic hemp plants, it contains a wholesome extract of Cannabinoids, Terpenoids and essential oils for maximum relief at a great price. It’s perfect for those who need a high dosage to relieve serious pain and inflammation.

Ethno Kratom Bali Blend

Each leaf in this Kratom product is handled with the utmost care as it’s handpicked, dried, and milled. It’s 100% natural and offers significant relief from even the most serious pain conditions.


A favorite of ours for years, this formula combines 12 different anti-pain and anti-inflammation nutrients into each capsule for incredible relief. The formula is brilliant in that it addresses the cause of the pain rather than masking the pain itself.


Packed with systemic enzymes, this powerful formula eliminates serious pain over time. In fact, it’s number one for Fibromyalgia. The enzymes dissolve scar tissue (fibrin) buildup and clean the damaged area to relieve pain.

Dr Morse Pain Tincture

Organic and wildcrafted herbs combine for powerful herbal relief in a tincture form. The liquid absorbs quickly to calm the nervous system and reduce pain. It’s ideal for those who prefer herbal remedies.

Vibrant Health Maximized Turmeric

Turmeric has incredible anti-inflammatory effects and reduces pain. This product is ingenious because it adds BioPerine Black Pepper, an extract that boosts turmeric’s absorption rate to 46x more than turmeric alone for a potent formula with great results.

Native Hemp 1000mg CBD salve

A blend of some of the highest-quality CBD oil, beeswax, and essential oils, this is a premium product we can’t get enough of. It’s the only product that we know of that carries 1000mg of CBD in a salve. It’s our go-to product for topical use on aches and pains as well as skin conditions.

Arnica Sports Cream

The cooling effect of this cream offers relief as it heals common sports injuries, sprains, bruises, and sore joints and muscles. It’s soothing and actually smells quite pleasant compared to others.

Muscle & Joint Salve

Unlike other salves, this one includes cayenne and turmeric to soothe the area with heat. Heat increases blood flow and promotes healing. To speed the healing of joints and sore muscles, we like to alternate between cold (ice) and heat (muscle and joint salve).