What is PeMF & iMRS Therapy?

For decades Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) has been used extensively for many health issues. The National Institutes of Health have made PEMF therapy a priority for research. In fact, the FDA has already approved many PEMF devices, some specifically to fuse broken bones, enhance wound healing, reduce pain and tissue swelling, support muscle function, and also to treat depression. Most therapeutic PEMF devices are considered safe by various standards and organizations.

There are more than 10,000 scientific papers published about the effect of PEMF. PEMF is a non-contact, non-invasive, non-pharmacological, and effective treatment for many conditions. Worldwide more than 2,000 double-blind studies have demonstrated PEMF therapy as a safe and effective treatment for a variety of conditions while promoting and maintaining general cellular health and function.

iMRS is an abbreviation for “intelligent Magnetic Resonance Stimulation” and is one method of PEMF Therapy. The primary benefit of this method of treatment is the resonance effect of pulsating electromagnetic fields (PEMF) in the body. Vibrations are transmitted as purposeful information to unhealthy cells whose function has been stressed and disturbed. The new iMRS is intelligent because it is digital, programmable, and has an HRV (Heart Rate Variability) biofeedback system that automatically adjusts the intensity on the full body mat based on a sophisticated HRV biofeedback loop. Also, the iMRS professional system has a built-in database of over 250 conditions pre-programmed for all applicators and times. The iMRS is the world leader in Magnetic Resonance Stimulation and PEMF Therapy.


What is the iMRS used for?

  • Eliminate Pain and Inflammation Naturally

  • Get Deep and Rejuvenating Sleep

  • Increase your Energy & Vitality

  • Feel Stronger, Younger and More Flexible

  • Keep your Bones Healthy and Strong

  • Relaxation and Stress Reduction

  • Help Your Body to Heal and Regenerate

  • Improve Circulation and Heart Health

  • In Sports to improve performance, treat injuries and speed up recuperation

  • Improve Respiratory Volume and enhanced Oxygenation

  • For Depression

  • For Strengthening the Immune System

  • For Skin Complaints






  • 16 Minute Basic Session -$20.00

  • 40 Minute Pain or Sleep Session - $40.00

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