Lab Tests

We offer a variety of health tests including Blood, Hair, Saliva, Stool and Urine. With these tests, we can determine allergies, candida, heavy metals, mineral deficiencies, DNA/genetics, vitamin d levels, hormones, yeast, parasites, bacteria, microbes, non-metal chemicals, nutritional deficiencies, neurological disorders, metabolism, mold toxicity and more. If you don't know which particular test you need, we recommend you book a health consultation first.  

All health tests include a report of findings appointment after the test results come back. 


Allergy & candida Testing 

We use the following tests:


Heavy Metal Testing  

We use the following tests:


Vitamin & Mineral DEFICIENCY Testing  

We use the following tests:


DNA & Genetics Testing     

We use the following tests:


Vitamin D Testing     

Hormone Testing     


Candida, yeast, fungus, mold, clostridia & parasites

We use the following tests:


toxic non-metal chemicals & ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTANTS

We use the following tests:


metabolic, nutritional, and neurological disorders

We use the following tests:



We use the following tests:


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Lab tests can be performed remotely. Consultations can be held in person at our Grandview, MO location or on the phone or through Skype.

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I was in misery. I had daily migraines, digestive problems to one extreme or the other, heartburn, insomnia, bloating, unable to walk without assistance, and in constant pain. I had numb fingers, hands, legs, feet, and midsection. I was getting no relief at all from over the counter or prescription drugs. No hope from any previous doctor.

Now after seeing Vaughn, I am so much better!! No migraines, no pain, and my digestion is in order with no heartburn. I walk, jump, jog, and drive on my own. I have no numbness and no pain. I can eat food I was told that I could never eat again ever in my entire life. I have hope again. I was told by many, many doctors that I would never get better….. I could never eat…… I would always be like this forever, etc. Now I am able to eat food I couldn’t before and I’m not in pain. I have hope!