What to Expect At Your detox foot bath Session 


  • Remove metal from pockets, watches, etc. (if metal cannot be taken off, that’s fine)

  • Turn cell phone on AIRPLANE MODE or OFF  

  • If you need to leave the room, click “PAUSE”  (not STOP; stop restarts the program)


  • the GROUNDING PILLOW without clothing between you and the pillow (pause the machine if you need to touch it)

  • any ELECTRICAL OUTLETS or SWITCHES while using the therapy


  • You will see LIGHT FLASHING at different tempos as well as hear NOISES that alternate through different frequencies and pitches

  • YOU MAY FEEL the frequency vibrations in your body, this is normal.

  • A change in the COLOR OF THE WATER (brown, orange, black, green, or red), SLUDGE and build-up in the water.

A Note on Detoxification

Clients can experience a ‘healing response’. The body stimulates healing in areas that haven’t fully healed and release built up toxins. This creates symptoms similar to those after an injury or illness. Clients have experienced increased pain sensations or illness for a day or two after the session. Don’t be alarmed, this means that the body has stimulated the proper healing it is needing to do. Healing has opened up where it was suppressed in the body, this is a good thing.

Everyone can have different experiences… here are a few affects you may encounter:

  • Tingling or pulsing sensation

  • Heat or Sweating

  • Feeling lighter or light-headed after therapy

  • Pain relief or increased pain

  • Increased energy afterwards or decreased energy

  • Tired/achy or cold/flu like symptoms afterwards

A Detox Foot Bath is best utilized with other natural therapies such as cleansing, herbal remedies, infrared sauna, exercise, relaxing, and getting plenty of sleep and sunshine.