At Spirit of Health we design nutrition programs, supplement recommendations, and educational sessions specific to your needs. Every appointment is a one-on-one consultation and analysis to create a program tailored to your health needs that will change your life. We also offer Iridology and a variety of lab testing including allergy testing, heavy metals, chemical toxicity, infections and more. We'll provide the analysis and the plan, you apply it, and watch God do the rest. 

Health & Nutrition Consultations

All Health & Nutrition Consultations are one-on-one appointments with either our Naturopath, certified Iridologist or certified Detoxification Specialist that is cross-trained in functional medicine, herbalism, and nutrition. We see people with various sicknesses and disease, those with chronic issues and health concerns, as well as those that are simply looking to get their health aligned with God's design. Each of us has a different body type, metabolic rate, body chemistry, emotional profile, and lifestyle; that is why a one-on-one Health & Nutrition Consultation is so beneficial.



Iridology is a gentle, non-invasive way to study the color, pigmentations, and structure of the iris of the eye as they relate genetically to the strengths and deficiencies of the body systems. By observing iris fibers, changes, and colors in the iris, we can analyze your body’s strengths, weaknesses, and toxicity levels related to specific areas of the body. Iridology is one of the best assessment tools available to be able to identify the areas of the body that are genetically strong, as well as deficient. We start most of our clients out with an Iridology Analysis to help us better understand their body.


Lab Testing

We offer a variety of lab tests including Blood, Hair, Saliva, Stool and Urine. With these tests, we can determine allergies, candida, heavy metals, mineral deficiencies, DNA/genetics, vitamin d levels, hormones, yeast, parasites, bacteria, microbes, non-metal chemicals, nutritional deficiencies, neurological disorders, metabolism, and more. If you don't know which particular test you need, we recommend that you book a Health Consultation first.


Healing Therapies

At our office in Grandview, MO we provide several revolutionary healing therapies. These therapies are used to improve pain conditions and sleep, increase circulation and energy, heal bone, nerve cells, and tissue, relax the body, increase fluid exchange through the cells, enhance detoxification of the body and more.




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