Client Testimonies

* Every person was designed by God in a unique and wonderful way. Because of this, your individual results may vary.

*Louise M.

I took the hormone challenge for my thyroid… I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease last June. When the hormone challenge started I stopped my medication (Synthroid) and started Thyroid Thrive, Thyroid/thymus tonic by Dr. Morse and the iodine. Yesterday I had my follow up appointment and I am thrilled with the results! Praising God for hearing and healing me!!

“Your TSH is normal, so your thyroid works normally, and you definitely don’t need the Levothyroxine… The largest nodule from the last ultrasound is no longer seen. The other nodules remain small and not concerning in appearance…” -Doctor

*Marta B.

I wanted to thank you for all the work you do to help people improve their health in a natural way. Me and my husband were watching your videos on youtube since last summer, we also had a Skype consultation with you last fall. We were struggling with infertility for 2 years. I strongly believe all the changes we made, thanks to your advices brought us to this point in our life - I'm 5 months pregnant. I wanted to let you know that I have you in my prayers, and appreciate everything you did for us, as well as many other people, who have an open mind to change.

*Niki D.

I just want to thank you so much for your help early on a few years ago in our health journey. It's been 3 years since they got off all meds for schizophrenia, and in short both of our lives and our children's lives are changed for the better forever in every way! You deeply impacted our health journey and we are just forever grateful to you. 

*Kelly B.

I just wanted to say again that I have appreciated your Biblical perspective on health and have enjoyed your videos on youtube. I became a Certified Holistic Nutritionist this past year and just launched my own website dedicated to eating by principles found in the Word. I have been teaching nutrition at a homeschool group this year and hope to take the classes out into the community. Your videos have been a great inspiration for getting a Biblical perspective and I hope to use health to point people to the Word. 

*Brit B.

It has been several weeks and honestly I wanted to thank you and update you on small but wonderful progress. Well, the information you suggested has helped tremendously. I have way more energy and less digestive issues. Also I finally had a menstrual cycle in January. I was able to actually function and was not bed ridden like usual. My hormones are still not 100% because I've only had that one cycle and then now nothing but I'm giving it time. The Lord knows best. He is truly working out some issues in my heart and confronting what needs to be removed. It's a grueling painful process but extremely beautiful and eternally rewarding to say the least. You're work and desire to help others is a God send. Thank you for all that you do in the Lord.

*Monica M.

I can’t thank you enough for your information videos. I followed your protocol for the kidney cleanse and have had so many benefits! My skin is glowing, yes so many people have complimented me on it and I was shocked that they even noticed. My Eczema has improved and I sleep much better at night. A great safe way to get those kidneys moving. God has truly blessed you and your family and I was blessed to find your guidance.

*Hanna C.

Just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate what you guys do! I am a 35-year old Finn living in the South of France, mum to a two yr old. We are a Christian family. The Lord led me to watch Vaughn’s teachings once I had been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis about 18 months ago. Diet changes, cleansing and supplementation have helped me tremendously and I have never taken pharmaceutical drugs to treat this condition. Thank you so much for all the material you put online free of charge! May the Lord reward you for it abundantly...! Am looking forward to watching whatever was taught and shared during the kids’ fair. Many many blessings to your whole family as well as the Spirit of Health staff! You are in my prayers. Who knows, maybe one day the Lord will have us visit the US (we do have several friends over there) and your store...


*Barb L.

I just want to thank you for all of your new videos that you are putting out....I am so grateful!! I am a born again, Spirit filled Christian who also believes that our health has been hi-jacked and that we need to press through all of the lies, deception and programming that we have believed to be true for so many years regarding our health. Thank you all so much and many blessings to all of you!

*Meg K.

Great news!!! I am just finishing my kidney cleanse, and I have lost 10 pounds. I drastically increased my workouts and am following a pretty strict diet of fruits/veggies/chicken. My mood was CRAZY through the cleanse but I feel great! Now onto the colon! I can’t thank you enough for your time and knowledge. I pray that God blesses you and your sweet family beyond measure.

*Patricia M.

I am doing better, so I want to thank you for that. I discontinued coffee, am taking the supplements you suggested below and am following the “diet” the best I can which is tricky with my work schedule but I do notice I feel a little bit better these days. I also purchased Hello Blossom and Sinu Orega spray,  and I’m happy to report that this is the first ragweed/allergy season (in approx 40 years), that I am not taking an antihistamine AND I am doing a.o.k., praise the Lord! 

* Haylee S.

My husband and I met you about one month ago to the day and I am writing to express gratitude for the immense success I have had with the diet plan and supplements you suggested! Just a few days after seeing you, I began to see incredible changes within my body. I am more than pleased to share that I have had my first two normal menstrual cycles back to back for the first time since I can ever remember. Victory feels so good! Thank you for this invaluable information that I truly believe has changed our lives forever! 

*Natalie M.

A month ago my son Wyatt was unable to participate in typical 9 year old activities due to life long allergy and asthma issues.

We met with Vaughn and in this past month Wyatt has begun his healing journey. Restless, low oxygen nights have become a thing of the past. The salt that Vaughn recommended has proven to work! Wyatt’s oxygen levels will be at 84%, and then just from taking the salt they will shoot up to 99%!!! This alone has been a life saver. The suggested salt water swimming has made Wyatt more active & have more energy. He has started to become the 9 year old, all boy, he has always wanted to be.


*Brooke O.

I felt lethargic most of the time and if I took naps they were 2 hours in the afternoon. My elbows and knees would itch and hive up. I couldn’t get rid of the acne on my face and back no matter what soap I tried. I had lots of stomach aches and diarrhea. I also had trouble sleeping at night and night sweats.

Now I have tons more energy. Most of my naps now are less than an hour. I no longer have itchy elbows and knees. A lot of my acne has cleared up on my face and back. I used to sleep in as long as I could in the mornings. Now I get up earlier and get chores done before leaving the house. I feel less overwhelmed with life when before I was tired and overwhelmed a lot. Going to the bathroom has gotten normal. I love vegetables now and eating healthy. Now my friends are asking about how they can get healthy and if I can share with them what I am doing. I sleep good now and my night sweats are rare.


*Gigi D.

I felt sick, tired, overweight, and just not right. I was off balance.

Now I feel great! Thanks to Vaughn teaching me how to eat better and the why behind it. I have dropped 50 pounds and almost 20 inches. I only eat God made food. Also I have had to decrease the synthroid I was taking. God is good. Spirit of Health has been a blessing. Thank you Vaughn.


*Michael K.

Greetings to you in the Precious name above all names, King Jesus! I trust that this letter finds you well and your lovely wife and daughter are growing more and more in love each day!  Ewa and I have been super blessed reading your stories and watching your videos this past year!  Thank God for transparent people like you!

Despite my “little faith” and my 44 year old body, the Lord allowed Ewa to conceive in June!  I did the maca powder, deer antler, noni juice, nettle and red raspberry tea-and all of the other things you suggested – and BAMMO!  Junior is on the way!

Thank you so much for your expertise and guidance.  I confess I was faithless, yet He showed up faithful (as usual) –“for He cannot deny Himself” (2 Tim. 2:13) Praise His holy name!

Ewa and I (& Junior) look forward to seeing your face again!  Hopefully soon!

God Bless your precious soul!


*Parrish M.

Honestly, I have a bit of envy towards those people in Kansas who get to attend your classes in person; I want you to know that you’re reaching other people too outside of Kansas CIty. I live in southern Louisiana, myself. Watching only 10 or so of your classes online has completely changed how I look at food. I see chips now and cringe slightly on the inside. I see processed food and much of the over-the-counter medications and do the same thing. But I’m loving the journey!


*Laura M.

I was referred to Spirit of Health after talking to a friend who had success with Vaughn. I was at my wits end with a herniated disc and a pinched sciatic nerve, which was daily agony to live with. My chiropractor finally suggested to check into injections for the disc, or surgery. Other chiropractors and a physical therapist were unable to help, so I went to Vaughn a bit skeptical that anyone could help me, but he made me a believer after the first few minutes of talking to him.

After he explained how the supplements would work and how the human body heals itself with the right care, I left with 5 supplements.

After following the regime for a month, I was already gradually feeling less pain. After 8-10 weeks, I literally was back to normal after months of severe pain. I would recommend Spirit of Health to anybody who wants to understand how their body can heal with safe, natural treatment.

*Jacque W.

Thanks just never seems enough. I so appreciate you and your ministry. Every time I leave your office I feel inspired, refreshed, encouraged, motivated, and at peace with a plan. Your knowledge of health and nutrition is so valuable and you know I appreciate the natural approach but more so the God-designed and inspired view. And your gift to minister to your patients spiritually is something I certainly appreciate and value as I know you do not take that lightly. Thank you Vaughn for your ministry and for all you have done to help me and minister to me. I appreciate it so very much.

*Brittany Z.

I came to Spirit of Health with a handful of health issues. I was underweight, losing my hair in scary amounts, had an unexplainable rapid heart rate and felt stressed a lot for seemingly no reason, wasn’t experiencing regular bowel movements, was having a hard time winding down and getting sufficient/restful sleep, had irregular menstruation cycles or none at all for months, and also experienced a sense of fatigue. While explaining all of this to Vaughn, he was incredibly understanding and you could really sense the confidence he has in our God who loves to heal and restore. It was very encouraging to me. After my first visit, my test results revealed that I had a very over-active thyroid, or hyperthyroidism. The symptoms of that include a lot of the things I was experiencing above and I would have never known to treat my thyroid as the root cause for those things. To allow my thyroid to heal, Vaughn had me on a supplement called thyro-calm and recommended what foods I should eat daily. I was also encouraged to be out in the sun a lot, which helped me sleep better as well. I stayed away from things like soy, gluten, processed dairy and was able to incorporate a mostly organic diet that allowed my body to heal as well. It took some months but after time I saw great benefits! Now, about a year after I first visited Vaughn, I am back to my normal weight (feels great to have meat on my bones again!), my hair doesn’t fall out, my heart rate is back to normal, I have regular bowel movements, I feel energized throughout the day and I have been sleeping better than I have in a long time. Another major testimony of healing is that my menstruation cycle has been regular again! Vaughn has a women’s hormonal package that helped so much. I’d especially recommend the Restore supplement by Herbally Grounded that’s in that package. God is so good!!! He truly is the God that heals! I am so thankful for Vaughn and the Spirit of Health team and how God has used them to be His hands and feet in restoring my health. I highly recommend teaming up with him as you partner with God in whatever health issues you are facing!

*Marce K.

Several years ago I began feeling awful. I began having digestive problems, abdominal pain, tiredness, low energy, trouble concentrating, and other symptoms. Throughout the first year I had visited several doctors who ran many tests, but the results were always the same – the tests came back normal. I knew something was wrong! I felt horrible and it felt even worse that the doctors weren’t able to help me. All they offered were prescription pills. I began wondering if I would feel this way for the rest of my life.

In the Bible it says, “Seek and you will find,” so I began seeking. I prayed for God’s leading and healing. I began reading about gluten and how people can develop an intolerance to it, so I eliminated it from my diet. That helped a great deal. I had much more energy, however it did not stop all of the symptoms. I kept searching and searching until I came across the website for Spirit of Health. I began reading how Vaughn gives people the knowledge they need in order to enable the body to heal itself. Additionally, I was so excited to find someone whose core values were biblical. I scheduled my appointment without hesitation. After my visit with Vaughn I had hope! He was able to explain to me what was happening inside my body to cause these symptoms and provide a plan for complete healing using healing foods and supplements. It’s been a little over 3 months since I began visiting Spirit of Health and I have experienced amazing improvement. The reoccurring infections are gone and I have energy. My digestion has greatly improved. It’s now switched: instead of feeling terrible almost everyday – I feel great almost every day! I’m so excited in the improvement I’ve experienced! I can now see complete healing in my future, instead of a life of suffering through the pain.

Additionally Vaughn gives you the tools to learn how to stay healthy. I’m so much better in many ways because of Spirit of Health. I’m so thankful that Vaughn followed God’s purpose and plan for his life, because if he hadn’t it’s probable that I’d still be in pain along with many others. Thank you!!!!!!!

*Emily S.

I was often very fatigued and didn’t feel like I had energy to get through the day. My body just felt off and I didn’t feel like myself. I tried multiple things, but nothing ever seemed to make a difference in how I felt or how my body responded.

Now I have so much energy! I feel like a new person! I can’t remember the last time I could make it through a full day and not feel worn out or depleted. I feel like myself again and it’s wonderful! I also know now what my body needs and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

*Amber G.

Before coming in to Spirit of Health, my health was struggling. I was having some major GI upset along with many food sensitivities. I was eating only fruits and vegetables, as I couldn’t handle much else and sometimes even those were upsetting. The fatigue I was experiencing was causing a major halt in my activities and as a wife and mother of four it was affecting my family in a big way. I had been to many doctors and had many tests done all really not helping my symptoms. A friend had been to see Vaughn and told me her story. I was convinced he could help me, but I wasn’t sure how.

After my first appointment, I prayed fervently asking God if this was the right direction to take in my journey toward healing and I heard a very clear answer. God said, “If you are faithful to the treatment, I will be faithful to the healing.” I took Him at His word and began treatment with Vaughn. I am so thankful for Vaughn’s vast knowledge of the human body and health. It was quite a journey, but totally worth it! Now I am feeling more energy than I have had in several years. I am eating a greater variety of foods and best part, enjoy eating again! I am so thankful to God for being faithful to my healing and to Vaughn for being faithful to helping people feel better.

*Marie S.

I felt tired, stressed, and didn’t have energy. My skin was also very oily and I had acne.

I feel great now! My energy level has gone up and I am not stressed anymore. My skin has also completely improved. I don’t have any acne and my skin isn’t oily like it was before.

*Linda S.

I am 65 years old and for 40 of those years I had a chronic deep tissue pain and extreme tension of tightness between my shoulder blades. I got a chiropractic adjustment at least once a week or more trying to find relief to no avail.

I bought an earthing sheet from Vaughn around Dec 1st 2013. It is now February 10th. From the first night on the earthing sheet, I have had not even an inkling of the pain I have suffered with for all those many years. It is 100% gone! I feel so blessed to have received this miraculous healing. Thank you, thank you.

*Brandi F.

I suffered from constant flu and cold like symptoms, no energy, acne, and blood sugar issues. All this caused a mass amount of depression and sadness because I’d never felt this way before.

After five months of working with Vaughn, disciplining myself to go out and eat better, take my supplements and taking in as much sun as Missouri could give, all the symptoms have disappeared. I am so blessed and motivated to share this with others as I move forward in the health and wellness community professionally.

*Megan K.

I felt like I could never get myself feeling more than 75% of energy, stamina, hope, peace, or self confidence. Sleep was disturbed nightly even though I did what was good, like eat right, exercise, and have friends social time. I’ve always been a nail biter since I was little and also I was freezing most of the time.

Now I feel like my mind, body and soul is charge to 100% after eating and sleeping. My energy, stamina, peace, and self confidence is much improved. If I do need to get up from sleep, I can fall right back to sleep and I don’t wake up feeling like I need another nap. Hardly biting my nails anymore and my body temp regulates at a better rate than ever before.

*Judy S.

I had difficulty digesting anything. I was very nauseated all the time. I also had pain and discomfort in my upper abdomen. I have always been a high energy person, but I had very little energy and stamina. I felt so sick I was afraid to even know what my diagnosis was.

When I came to Vaughn, he diagnosed me with having digestive problems with liver malfunction of not producing enough bile, therefore causing gallbladder issues. For four months I took digestive enzymes, liver and gallbladder support, and changed my diet. I also did two liver and gallbladder cleanses which helped immensely. I really feel back to the normal, only better. I am so thankful to the Lord and to Vaughn’s wise counsel for complete healing.

*Ashley T.

After seeing Vaughn about a year ago I began taking the supplements he suggested and making eating and lifestyle changes. My health really began to change. One of those changes was sleeping on a earthing mat. Wow! Before I would wake up tired, sluggish, and irritable. It was as if I hadn’t even rested, and typically falling asleep itself was not relaxing. Vaughn suggested an earthing mat, but I wasn’t convinced that it would really do anything.

From the first night on the earthing mat I slept a solid deep sleep. I felt rested and woke up with a very different attitude. I actually found it easy to get up and get moving. Also it pretty much made menstrual cramps disappear. The earthing mat is an excellent product that will prove itself. It really enables you to see the way the Lord made the earth and our bodies to work together. It was a great suggestion!!

*Marlene O.

I was nauseated 2-3 times a day and constipated 4-5 times a week. I was spending $230 a month on Nexium, an acid reflux medicine and I couldn’t eat dinner because of all the bloating, gas, and pain. To say the least I was a digestive nightmare. My doctors said they couldn’t help me anymore because I’m not overweight and my diet was OK, as far as they were concerned.

Since seeing Vaughn, I am not nauseated anymore. I do not take Nexium and I eat dinner. I eat small amounts throughout the day. I no longer have bloating and I am loving life again. I can even have organic coffee and not get heart burn.

*Rachelle E.

I came to see Vaughn Lawrence because I have suffered for years with hyperthyroidism, chronic constipation, weight gain with the inability to lose weight, fatigue and lethargy. I learned of him through an acquaintance who highly recommended him to me. I followed his recommended diet and supplement changes which I didn’t find hard to incorporate into my life. These small changes that I made have changed my whole life for the better. I noticed improvement within the first month of making these changes. I have lost weight and can now keep it off with no problem and minimal effort. All I do is follow his protocol as closely as I can. My bowels are regular for the first time in my adult life, which is huge because I am 43 and didn’t think it was possible. I have energy and stamina as well. I am so glad I made the initial decision to see him. He has given me the tools to dramatically improve my health and overall well being. Thank you Vaughn!!!

*Jessica Z.

I felt miserable. When I came in, I was having extreme pain in my lower intestines. At times I would have to lay down in tears and wait for the pain to pass. I felt chained to the “disease”. I was always anxious that I might go into another flare up. I also dealt with low energy and a constant reliance on caffeine and sugar to keep me going. I felt sluggish, even though I was trying my hardest to stay energized. Overall, I didn’t like where I was at, but saw no way to change my circumstances. I definitely had a victim mentality.

Now after working with Vaughn, I feel much better! I don’t deal with caffeine or sugar cravings any more. My emotions are more stable, and I actually get sleep at night. All of that is good, but what I am most excited about is feeling no pain in my colon due to my own choices to partner with God in healing my body. I realized that I do have a choice in my health – I’m not the victim of disease, and I can choose life or death in each of my food choices. It’s so empowering to see such marked improvement in so little time, just by changing a few things. It is so worth the adjustment. I’m excited to see more changes down the road.

*Renier P.

I was very blessed to meet you and make the changes you recommended. It resulted in healing all inflammation and bursitis in my knees. I changed to a much more natural lifestyle to nurture and take care of my body, the temple of the Holy Spirit. Praise God for people like you with a true calling to help others in need.

*Katherine M.

Before I came in for my appointment I was struggling with joint pain, leg pain, constant tiredness, fatigue, and female issues with my cycle. After my initial consult with Vaughn, I found that my main issues were related to my c-section scar and adrenal fatigue.

After 2 months my fatigue is gone! I no longer have to take 2-3 naps a day and can be present emotionally and physically for my family. My depression has gone, my emotions are stabilized and I feel like my normal self again. My joint and leg pain is gone. I also have lost 10 pounds without trying. After implementing the diet suggestions Vaughn made my body’s metabolism kicked in and I lost the 10 pounds that were hanging on after my baby was born. When I first saw Vaughn I was a size 12. In 2 months I am back to my size 8 pre-baby jeans. My female issues with monthly cycle have also regulated.

*Lika C.

I was tired all the time. My hair had been falling out in scary amounts for months. I was working out about 2 hours daily, but not losing weight. Also, I couldn’t get pregnant even though my husband and I were trying for 2 years. We had started to take fertility pills, but still had no results. I was feeling horrible, and even borderline crazy, because I would go to see MD’s and they would tell me that I was fine. They would never give me any answers for my symptoms.

Now after two and a half months of working with Vaughn (and Jesus of course), every single symptom disappeared. I’m full of energy, my hair and nails are healthy, and I lost 30 pounds in 2 months. The best part was my ovaries being healed and getting pregnant right away. This season is so amazing!! I feel like I got a total body makeover. I look younger and feel great. Thank you Vaughn for your amazing heart and mind. Praise Jesus for connecting me to Spirit of Health, so I could gain the necessary wisdom needed for my body to heal itself!!

*Grace S.

My husband Rod and I are blessed by your teachings. We learned about your website and YouTube instructions from a church friend this past Memorial Holiday. At that time, I battled with high anxiety and intense panic attacks due to work-related stresses, which gave me high blood pressure, acid reflux, and insomnia. I felt miserable due to all of the effects of the above and I knew bad health was catching up to my 50 year-old body. I needed to turn around and “do something” different. God was merciful to send my friend to me and introduce the Cyber you in our lives!

I started with your teaching on adrenal glands and its relationship to stress. After that hour, I was hooked on the rest of your teachings because you make it so simple and so doable. You encouraged me to take immediate action. The results are also phenomenal.

Literally, my heart rate has gone down to normal and I no longer feel my heart pounding through my chest walls. My resting heart rate used to clock in at 100s. It’s now in my normal high 50s to low 60s. I used to feel my heart pound rapidly that it heightened my anxiety and panic attacks. I have not felt those attacks since Memorial Day, 8 weeks ago.

My blood pressure, which used to be at 160/100 is now around 115/75. Some days, it registers at 90/65. I was ready to accept the common talk on high blood pressure that it was a natural process of aging and how we will all end up with B.P. pills anyway. (That’s what my doctor literally told me.) Thank God for your “pinch of sea salt in your water” suggestion. It worked! Can’t wait to add “Concentrace” in my water as soon as it arrives in the mail.

Additionally, I have discontinued Aciphex, which I took for 1 1/2 years. It was emotionally upsetting me since I was not feeling a difference. Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar has been my stomach’s best friend.

As for sleep, for approximately 15 years, I have been dependent on sleep aids. I felt guilty about Ambien so I took a milder option by taking Benadryl at night. Today… I sleep on my own with no difficulty as a result of following all of your tips on committing to healthy food choices. I now also understand the healing power of sleep in our lives. I used to average 4-5 hours of sleep and 19-20 hours of activity. Now, I am teaching myself to get the 8 hours our body needs to heal and repair.

I can go on and on and on and on about your spirit blessed teachings since I have listened to certain ones over and over again. Actually, I sound like your surrogate when I talk to my friends! 🙂

Anyway, Rod and I look forward to your Fall seminars. I know we will be blessed with more of your spirit driven teachings. God is so gracious to use a humble person like you to deliver a critical message to all human beings. Your generous resources are a gold mine. From YouTube teachings to educational articles and your Store, you truly bless us with the most important gift we could have next to salvation… our health!

Thank you once again for your valuable time in putting together the knowledge we need so that we may become good stewards of the body God entrusted us to have. Our gratitude extends from east to west!

*Natalie R.

I thought I was entering menopause. I was tired, cranky, and irritable. I was not sleeping well, which is very uncharacteristic for me. I was getting headaches 5 times a week. I was having hot flashes, and my hair felt dry and brittle. My poop life wasn’t happening daily either. I was addicted to chocolate coffee drinks! I was so totally overwhelmed by my lack of energy that I was considering not starting seeds in our greenhouse, which is a yearly tradition. That’s when I knew I needed some help with my health. Vaughn invited me to eliminate caffeine from my diet. He asked me to take a couple of supplements and to soak my feet in magnesium oil. The withdrawal from coffee was not fun (3 day long headache). After 3 weeks, all menopause symptoms had completely disappeared. I have an abundance of energy. My hair and skin are soft and supple again. Oh, did I mention that with the help of my preschool kids, I planted and re-potted over 900 plants in the greenhouse this year. I thought that I was a fairly healthy person but, after seeking Vaughn’s advice and attending his free classes, I feel like I am truly on my way to Vibrant Health! I can’t thank you enough Vaughn. You are golden!

*Becky M.                                 

I was in misery. I had daily migraines, digestive problems to one extreme or the other, heartburn, insomnia, bloating, unable to walk without assistance, and in constant pain. I had numb fingers, hands, legs, feet, and midsection. I was getting no relief at all from over the counter or prescription drugs. No hope from any previous doctor.

Now after seeing Vaughn I am so much better!! No migraines, no pain, and my digestion is in order with no heartburn. I walk, jump, jog, and drive on my own. I have no numbness and no pain. I can eat food I was told that I could never eat again ever in my entire life. I have hope again. I was told by many, many doctors that I would never get better….. I could never eat…… I would always be like this forever, etc. Now I am able to eat food I couldn’t before and I’m not in pain. I have Hope!

*Kreg P.

I had my first heart attack in January of 2008 due to a collapsed artery. I was diagnosed with cardio vascular disease. They inserted a stint in the collapsed artery and informed me that I had another artery that was 40% blocked. I was put on medication for high cholesterol to keep the blockage to a minimum. Vaughn suggested after a consultation that I begin taking a heart strengthening herb to strengthen my heart. Then he started me on a 3 month enzyme regimen which he told me would clean my arteries and build my immune system.

April of 2010 I went to the heart hospital for a stress test, ekg and an mri. The results showed my heart and blood flow above normal and there was no signs of ANY blockage. Because of the blood thinners the drs prescribed I would bleed easily when I would get a cut or an abrasion and it was hard to stop the bleeding. The result of taking the enzymes speeded up the healing process and the bleeding would clot much faster. I am convinced that natural herbs have a healing benefit and would recommend counseling with Vaughn and trying herbs as an alternative to medicine.

*Michelle B.

I was struggling with fatigue, overall achiness, sleep disruptions and headaches. I also struggled with sugar cravings and food addictions that sabotaged my losing weight. I generally felt awful.

I have learned so much about how the body functions and it’s nutritional needs. Vaughn has addressed my complaints and I am seeing great results. The overall achiness is gone and my sleep is so much better. My energy is returning and the headaches have decreased. I am still working on the cravings, but I’m eating healthier and I generally feel pretty good.

*Jennifer A.

Before I met Vaughn Lawrence, I was extremely frustrated with the state of my health and the lack of assistance or concern offered to me by traditional medicine. I was living in chronic pain from a back injury and dealing with chronic fatigue on such a regular basis that it impaired my ability to function on many levels, including simple tasks such as driving more than 20 minutes. I knew something was terribly wrong with my body and yet was getting nowhere in my search for healing. Why couldn’t my back heal? Why couldn’t my body function the way I know God designed it to? The medical community continued to point me in the direction of pharmaceutical drugs of which none made any difference, in fact often made me feel worse. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease of my thyroid and told that I would need to live on synthetic thyroid for the rest of my life. The only options given to me for my back pain were failed attempts with physical therapy and the opportunity to choose between steroid injections or prescription narcotics. I knew these would not be an answer to the root issue of why my body was not functioning and would most likely only mask what my body was trying to communicate. In desperation I began to seek the Lord with earnest prayers to heal my body and provide me a way to partner with Him in the process. To my surprise I did not know the Lord would answer my prayer with an emailed newsletter.

I was extremely skeptical of “alternative” doctors, but after one look at the Spirit of Health website I knew this was the answer I had been praying for. After my first appointment I was completely impressed with Vaughn’s heart of service and integrity. Most of all, he professed a love for Jesus Christ that was authentic and sincere. After one year of working with Vaughn on lifestyle changes and staying consistent with my personal healing protocol, I am excited to say that I have made leaps and bounds in my healing. I am finally exercising and dancing again and enjoying many recreational activities that I was unable to participate in. I am off of all pharmaceutical medications and feel amazing. I no longer wake up to the pangs of back pain and my fatigue has incredibly resolved. Best of all I finally feel in control of my body. I love knowing that my healing process is under way and only has one place to go but up! Each day is another day forward in my journey of health. I am so thankful to Spirit of Health for providing me a safe and encouraging place to heal which has empowered me to take back my health. Thank you Vaughn for all that you do and for your heart of service to bring God’s message of health!

*Stephanie R.

I was a mess! I have Crohn’s disease which means 6-10 loose bowel movements a day! I was getting up 3-4 times per night to use the restroom! I teach aerobics, and when I would get my heart rate up, I would completely lose steam. I was tired all the time, which made me moody. I had actually been told that I would more than likely lose my colon within the next year. I was on all kinds of drugs with scary side effects. My face was swollen from steroids, my immune system was shot, and I was at high risk of developing cancer, because of having a compromised immune system! Life was looking pretty hopeless and I’m only 28 years old!!

After coming to Vaughn I’m feeling so much better. There is still work to be done, but the progress we’ve made in only three months made me realize that I had taken the wrong approach for way too long. I’m tapering off my immuno-suppressant drugs because I have realized I do not need them. I’ve changed my diet, and am completely off steroids. My face is almost back to normal. I’m down to 1-2 stools per day and they are improving! I have so much more energy! I’m no longer feeling tired when I teach aerobics, and I’m actually sleeping through the night. I feel confident that with continued support from Vaughn and the lifestyle changes I have made, that I will have my doctors amazed after my colonoscopy. It makes me wish that I would have made these changes before!! I’ve insisted that many of my friends visit Vaughn! It’s an amazing change so far, and I’m hopeful for the future.

*Cara R.

Before I came to see Vaughn, I never felt “good”. I was always fatigued, so much so that I would have to take off work just to stay home and rest on a regular basis. I was anxious all the time and along with that I was very moody. I just never woke up ready for the day energized. I also had a lot of stomach aches and digestion trouble.

Now I feel “good” every day! My energy level is higher than it has ever been. I’m more relaxed and able to handle stress because I’m not moody or having anxiety. Before coming to Vaughn I was in my medical doctors office every 6 or 7 weeks. Since I started seeing Vaughn I have only been to my medical doctor once in 13 weeks. I’m so happy and feel so blessed to have had Vaughn “fix” me. I feel better than I have in 15 years!

*Jackie B.

I was weak and tired throughout the day. I was not able to digest foods properly or get into the proper dietary routine that my body was desperately needing. I really came to see Vaughn for my liver disease because I felt that it was the main source of my body’s weakness.

Now I have more strength in my body and more energy and awareness. My digestive system has gotten back on track and I have even lost some weight in the process! Overall my body and mental health is 100% better then the first day I walked into Vaughn’s office.

*Tonya W.

For about three weeks prior to receiving my first laser treatment, I had pain in my abdominal area. It was a familiar pain that I sometime experienced, but usually it only lasted a few days.

I tried the laser treatment because Vaughn, after testing noticed a blockage in my navel area and in the area I had pain. (I hadn’t mentioned the pain to him). Later that day I realized that the pain was completely gone! More than two months later it has not returned.

*Amanda S.

Before I came in I was tired all the time. It was really hard for me to eat some days because of the pain I would get in my stomach. I just didn’t feel well a lot of the time.

Now I have energy. I wake up revived and ready for the day. The pain I would get in my stomach is gone! I have learned what my stomach can’t handle. I feel great, better than I have ever felt!! I have also been continuously losing weight since my first visit.

* Marisol M.

Before coming to see Vaughn, I was lethargic, anxiety ridden, irritable, depressed, eating horribly, and overall in desperate condition. I have been on synthroid for 18 years to treat hyperthyroidism. I have so wanted to go the natural route, but felt hopeless that I was ever going to find it.

Now I wake up in the morning and have energy for the day and energy to actually exercise. I’m not so crabby and just in the last month I have lost 11 pounds! The supplements and diet of no sugar and no dairy are helping to heal my body. I have been praying to find a wonderful doctor and now God has brought him. Thanks Vaughn!

*Diane Q.

After fifteen years, I made the decision to stop taking the hormone replacement therapy drug, Premarin, prescribed after my hysterectomy. Although I slowly weaned myself off of the pill over a two-week period, heat-flashes became a new and unwelcome daily event. I would wake-up every night after one or two sweaty flash events.

At the suggestion of Vaughn Lawrence, I began to take his general herbal balance mix and another specifically to help with the heat flashes. I experienced an immediate lessening in the intensity and frequency of the flashes. I’m 62 now, and my body is still adjusting hormonally; however, the quality of my life is much improved with my hormone supplements.

*Melissa M.

I suffered from acid reflux and an acidic stomach daily. No matter how many medications I took, I couldn’t get any relief, in fact it got worse. That was until I tried AloeLife. It worked immediately with each dose.  After continual use, I can proudly say that I no longer suffer from acid reflux or an acidic stomach.  The symptoms have completely disappeared.

My allergies were the worse. My skin tests came back positive to nearly everything. I was sensitive to allergy medications and the ones I could take didn’t work. At one point I was dangerously double dosing the medications (both prescription and OTC) to get relief. After all that failed the doctor wanted me to start an expensive immunotherapy program. Desperate for alternatives, I tried Aller-Free. I stopped my current medications (4 of them) and went to Aller-Free. I can now breathe better than I could with any of the medications I had taken and I haven’t had a sinus headache or sinus induced pink eye ever since. Aller-Free saved me.

*Summer R.

The restore formula has made a huge difference in the quality of my life.  For years I suffered from severe PMS… mood swings, irritability, insomnia… you name it! I felt like I was a different person. It was so bad that I was about to get on anti-depressants when Vaughn suggested I take Restore. What a life-saver it has been! Now I am much more balanced and I have an overall sense of well-being. I can go through my monthly cycle relaxed and more even-keeled, without it taking a huge negative toll on my life and relationships. I am happy to say that I get to be the very best ME the majority of the time. I’m very grateful to Restore, and so is my fiancé!

*Brenda B.

I met Vaughn thru his Grandma here in Spencer IA due to my daughter Emily being diagnosed with Type I Diabetes. He has shown us how to eat and choose the proper foods to keep her blood sugars in the normal range. She also takes enzymes and vitamins to help her pancreas and the digestion of her food. Vaughn is very educated and knows what he is doing. He is someone who walks the talk and will help in anyway possible. For instance I am getting hot flashes and asked Vaughn if he could help with that? He replied Yes and sent a bottle of Replenish and within 5 days I did not have night time hot flashes anymore. Sure am glad our family has met him and is someone we can call on to help our family stay healthy!

*Erika B.

All is well!! I wanted to let you know I really like the Astaxanthin supplements I got from you. I did a squat workout last night, which normally would make me sore for days. Do you know I am not sore at all??? Wow! I’m sold on it. I read sections of the book you gave me and learned about its benefit as an internal suncreen and a beauty supplement. Who wouldn’t want that?

I also bought a Vitamix machine and have been using it like crazy. Lots of green smoothies, I’m throwing everything in there! It’s so easy because it chops everything up for you. I never thought in a million years I would be eating this healthy but I actually crave my fresh salads now and do not crave sugar at all! This coming from a sugar addict who used to eat chocolate chip cookies daily. This is an amazing transformation. I just can’t believe it.

*Vickie L.

I was suffering horribly from extremely painful hemorrhoids and chronic constipation. I was about to consider surgery, when Vaughn suggested the comfrey salve. I put it on the area continually for about 10 days and the hemorrhoids disappeared 100% and have never come back! The comfrey salve has become my favorite product. It’s also awesome for burns and abrasions! I take a drink of psyllium husk and flax seeds every morning in water or a smoothie or sprinkle the flax seeds on my salad and the constipation is no longer an issue. I am now taking several of Vaughn’s products for better basic health, and I have never ever felt better in my life and I’m almost 60! I had some moles on my face, and another raised abrasion, and some scar tissue on my ear and earlobe which had been there for 35 years. They have all disappeared! I’m not even sure if it’s from the wonderful coconut oil, or the basic health products or a combination of both! I use the coconut oil after my shower and put it on my face and hands and even my hair. No more dryness, and I’m smooth and soft. My skin gets smoother and softer as the months go by. My bad cholesterol is way down and my good cholesterol is twice what is has to be! My triglycerides went from 164 to 110! I could go on and on. Thank you, Vaughn! I am so glad I know you!

*Courtney J.

I just want to thank you and encourage you for what you are doing to pour truth & knowledge into the body of Christ! I have suffered from poor health for an extremely long time and even lost my mother and brother to cancer (well, actually the treatments they had). I’ve learned small amounts of health information along the way but have failed to implement what I learned. I’m thankful that you have been raised up as such a strong voice and advocate for health within the church, joining the truth of God and knowledge of health. God has heard the cries of his people suffering due to lack of knowledge, and has raised you up to be a critically needed voice. Thank you!!

*Mary M.

I have been amazed by Vaughn’s natural healing remedies! I initially saw Vaughn for laser light therapy for my cesarean scar. It has physically become lighter in appearance as well as the stretch marks in that area. Emotionally I feel more at peace with my body and no longer beat myself up for the way I look. I also feel that this has led me to discover why I have had a problem with frequent urination. (I have struggled with this since the birth of my son 14 years ago.) Working with my adrenal glands and pancreas, which have both been extremely challenged, Vaughn has given me sustained energy and strength on a daily basis. I can now workout twice a day and feel refreshed rather than out of energy! Also, within four days of taking a natural supplement Vaughn recommended for my pancreas, I no longer struggle with frequent urination! This is totally amazing to me because I had seen conventional doctors a few years ago with no luck. They said I had nothing wrong. I thought, tell that to my husband who always asked me, “Do you have to go to the bathroom?” I would be asked before leaving the house to go anywhere, or while at the restaurant or in a shopping mall. Sometimes we had to plan around it. It feels great to be able to go for extended periods of time and not have to run to the bathroom. I feel like I have been given back part of my life. I would very highly recommend anyone to see Vaughn! His natural healing remedies have changed my life.

*Dana P.

 As I’ve been going to the nutrition classes I’ve been applying them to my life. One of the things I had questioned was about dairy… because I had heard so much how we need it for calcium and all that. It was a relief to learn that we don’t actually need it! So I took that out. I also started applying coconut oil to my thyroid. Both those things have helped my thyroid. I went to get checked by a natural doctor I have been going to for over 5 years and my thyroid is improving.

I also applied what you said about taking 3-4 days and just resting. I actually only did 1 day just to start and unbelievably that one day made a huge difference. My body cleaned itself and I got a really neat revelation that we don’t need as much food as I was told we do. Really weird because I didn’t think that would happen. I was just thinking it would revive my adrenal glands.

I would have to say overall that my digestion is improving from these things and probably the biggest effect on that was taking dairy out.

Thank you so much for teaching! I think the classes are a lot of fun and they are proving to benefit the human body.


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