It is quite clear that Spirit of Health was completely guided by the hand of God. If you knew where I came from, it would be impossible to imagine where I am now. Stories like these are only possible if God is involved.

Before I started Spirit of Health, I was living in Las Vegas, working a corporate job and living the “American dream.” I worked as a freight broker for eight years. I made lots of money, had tons of friends and was very busy, but I was miserable on the inside. I was sick to my stomach every day. I had a nagging feeling that my life was incomplete.

One day I decided to I quit my 10-hour a day, corporate job with no plan. I found myself sitting around on the couch all day watching sports, playing tennis with friends and eating junk food. Late one night I saw an infomercial advertising “Natural Cures They Don’t Want You to Know About” by Kevin Trudeau. I thought the guy was crazy. But so was I, so I bought the book. Soon afterward I went to work at a health food store, and I began to find a passion in my heart for this “health” stuff.

At the time I was struggling with quite a few health issues myself; I was addicted to junk food and overweight. My passion for health grew, and I looked for information wherever I could find it. I went to herbal classes, nutrition classes, met with chiropractors, bought books, watched documentaries and became a sponge to whatever information I could grab. I was incredibly blessed to train with three different, and very brilliant, Master Herbalists: James Sloane, Angela Harris and Carl Robinson. My mind exploded with information about herbs, plants, trees and the medicines found therein. I went to Clayton College of Natural Health and received my Doctorate in Naturopathy with a Concentration in Herbology.

The incredible human body, how it heals and how nature can be used for healing began to show me that God was real. On a trip home for Christmas to Kansas City, my friends boldly explained to me the gospel of Jesus Christ and that day I accepted him as my Savior, and I’ve followed Him ever since.

Not long after my salvation, I moved back to Kansas City and my father Randy helped me open Spirit of Health, where he still works with me today along with my wife, Jennifer and our amazing staff. Since then I have become certified as a colon hydrotherapist, GAPS Diet Practitioner, Iridologist and a Certified Detoxification Specialist through Dr. Morse.

The Mission of Spirit of Health is to bring honor and glory to God in the area of health and wellness. We recognize God’s creation as the true source of all natural medicine. We personally hand pick only the purest products that promote healing and wholeness in the body. Our heart is to educate people on the truth of Jesus Christ and His perfect design of the human body, that all would be set free from the bondage of sickness and death.

We invite you to check out our online resources, shop for the best health products on the market, drop by our store in Grandview, MO, or schedule a personal health consultation for you and your family.

In Health,
Vaughn, Jennifer, & Randy Lawrence