In 2009 I (Vaughn) transitioned out of Las Vegas living and moved back to my hometown of Kansas City to launch Spirit of Health with the help of my father, Randy. Like many of you, I was tired of seeing the toxicity of the typical American lifestyle. I found it heartbreaking to see people (and especially children) falling short of the purpose and calling on their lives due to unnecessary sickness and disease. My heart was to show people how to return back to God's design and give Him all the credit. So began my mission to make natural health education, tools, resources and products more accessible to people around the world.

As it was in the beginning, my heart is still to show people they can live a life free of sickness and disease.

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Quality is our top priority. Our supplements are from trusted sources, consistent in quality, and free of any synthetics, preservatives, flow agents or GMO ingredients and all of our herbs are organic or wildcrafted. Find comfort in knowing that everything we sell has been researched and handpicked by our Naturopath, Physical Therapist, herbal specialist, and qualified staff.

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We believe real lasting healing begins with education. With a deeper understanding, you can start to challenge yourself and find what works best for you. We are committed to providing life-changing resources to everyone. You can check out our health articles, recipes, YouTube videos, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook.

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Consultations & Testing

At Spirit of Health, we tailor nutrition programs, supplement recommendations, and educational sessions specific to your needs. Every appointment is a one-on-one consultation and analysis to create a program specific to your health needs that will change your life. We'll provide the analysis and the plan, you apply it, and watch God do the rest. We also offer a variety of health testing including Iridology, allergy testing, heavy metals, mold, and more.


Whole Pilates Studio

If you’re in the Kansas City area, come check out our Pilates Studio. Our instructors are not only trained in Pilates, dance, and exercise, but also physical therapy. We offer Private, Semi-Private Sessions, and Group classes including Pilates, Barre, Dance, Pilates Equipment, Rebounding and specialty classes for Pre & Post-Natal, Osteoporosis, and MS.

Sunlight Sauna

Healing Therapies

Located in our office in Grandview, MO we provide a number of revolutionary healing therapies that are helpful for pain conditions, sleep, circulation, detoxification, energy, enhancing oxygen transport, faster bone and tissue healing, nerve cell healing, better fluid exchange through the cells, and more. Our therapy sessions include iMRS, Far Infrared Sauna, RIFE Resonance Therapy and Ion Foot Baths.

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Health Programs

We offer a number of free health programs online including our foundational Eating by Design program and over six healing cleanses. These programs are complete with nutrition guidelines, video and article resources, product recommendations, and more.