Creamy Almond Milk


Yeild: 1/2 Gallon | 10 minutes  




Soak almonds in enough filtered water to cover the nuts by 2 inches.  Cover them, leave on the counter overnight and rinse in the morning, discarding the water.  (Optional to add a teaspoon of sea salt during soaking to help release the enzyme inhibitors).  Place almonds and filtered water (6 cups water for a richer milk - 8 cups for a lighter milk*) in a high-speed blender and blend until well combined (for at least one minute). Pour mixture into a nut milk bag (or cheesecloth) over a container. Manually squeeze all milk out of the pulp, leaving behind just the pulp in the nut milk bag.  Pour the milk back into the blender and blend in remaining ingredients briefly on low.  You may freeze almond pulp to use in other recipes or simply compost it.  Nut milk will usually keep in the refrigerator for 3-5 days. If the milk becomes separated just shake before using.

*To assist with blending, blend the almonds with half of the water in the recipe at a time.