Is Hormone Imbalance Linked to Poor Liver Health?

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Hormones are a hot topic. Without them, we're pretty much dysfunctional. Understanding hormones is quite important in life. Therein lies the problem. We don't understand them. Doctors and the medical field don't understand them and most natural health care providers don't either. We are trying creams, salves, injections, herbs, hormone replacement therapy, troches, progesterone creams and sometimes even surgery to deal with hormone imbalances. Our goal is just to feel better or maybe to feel "normal." When your hormones are off, you know you don't feel quite right. So here comes the liver...


What if your "hormone imbalance" was a liver issue?

What if morning sickness and nausea during pregnancy only seem "normal" because we have an epidemic of liver problems in our society? What if women struggling with cramps, bleeding, mood swings and headaches around their cycle have congested livers? It's true. The liver is crucial to hormone balance.


The function of the liver is to filter EVERYTHING, and this includes hormones.

It all filters through the blood. When you are pregnant, your body increases blood volume and hormones (which are all filtered through the liver). If your liver is congested, you get sick, nausea, food aversions, loss of appetite and sometimes itching all over your skin if it is really bad.

My wife was a perfect example. Jen's first pregnancy was consumed with nausea, food aversions, itchy skin, the works. We learned about the liver, and we worked on healing it. Then during her second pregnancy, she felt great the entire pregnancy! Now how often do you hear that? Women's monthly menstrual cycles work the same way. Start healing the liver, and watch those pesky PMS symptoms go away including even serious issues like depression.

In Chinese medicine, when they work on balancing female hormones, they always work on the liver. We have a product called Fem-Mate for female hormone balancing. It's filled with liver herbs, and it really works.


5 Steps to a Healthy Liver:

  1. Bitters stimulate bile flow and liver function.
  2. Eat greens, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, olive oil, olives and avocado and lean meats if desired. Lemons, beets, carrots, dandelion, and apple cider vinegar are all great for the liver.
  3. Limit heavy fats like animal fats, butter, nut butters and even coconut oil which can bog down the liver. Don't eat extra oils just because they are "good for you." You must know your body.
  4. Avoid complex sugarsand starches like bread, pasta, pizza, crackers, baked goods, and sweets. These foods put stress on the liver because the liver has to process all carbs and sugars.
  5. Do a liver cleanse like our 30-Day Liver & Gallbladder Cleanse. It combines juicing with liver cleansing drinks, bitters, herbs and a gallbladder flush to clean out all the old waste and gunk.


We need healthy hormones and if you're "out of balance," before you go running to the doctor for some hormone pills or shots, try cleansing your liver. Not only does it work better, but it will increase your lifespan and keep you free of sickness and disease. The liver is crucial for long-term health!