Healing After A Cesarean - For Mom & Baby


For many women, a cesarean (c-section) is necessary in a life-saving moment, or maybe you were convinced that a c-section was your best or only choice. Regardless of the reason you had a c-section, God's perfect design is still working for us, simply waiting for us to partner with it. Thousands of women are able to have a healthy VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) with the very next child. If you've had a c-section, here are some natural ways to help you and your child heal after surgery and optimize your health moving forward. If your heart's desire is to have a natural childbirth for the future, have faith. It is a very real possibility!


For the Mother Post-Cesarean:

For the Child Post-Cesarean:

By circumventing a vaginal birth, the baby misses out on the vital flora in the vaginal canal that was designed to help baby upon entrance into the outside world. In addition, anesthesia along with IV antibiotics are medical standards for a mother during a cesarean, and unfortunately, these destroy the good flora in mom’s body, ultimately lessening the chances that baby will receive high amounts of good flora even in the breast milk. Here are a few products that can help with this: