Healing Cold Hands & Feet

Cold Hands

Cold hands and feet are a circulation issue. It is also one of the symptoms of an under-active thyroid, so you may want to check your thyroid if you struggle with cold hands and feet (blood tests are not the most accurate for this, instead use the Temperature Regulation Thyroid Test). For all of our friends out there suffering from ice-cold fingers and toes, here are five tips.


1. Keep them warm!

Ok, too obvious? You must be intentional about bringing blood flow to those extremities because it is important to your health. So hot showers, running your hands under hot water, hands warmed by a stove or fire, heating pads, gloves, insulated socks and just lots of layers of clothing are all important. Don't just suffer through it. Warm them up!


2. Cayenne pepper in your socks.

This works great unless you made the mistake I made. This is fine if dry, but don't let it get wet. I went and played sports inside a gym with my cayenne pepper filled socks and after sweating regretted it for quite a few hours! Maybe get those thermal hand and feet warmers instead during high levels of activity. (-:



This is the most important thing you could do this winter to get circulation flowing. Maybe even in a hot room would be better. So crank up the heat and exercise away.


4. Use a Bio-Mat or BEMER. 

Spirit of Health plans to bring in some new amazing equipment soon that helps with circulation at the deepest level, the capillaries. When our capillaries get blocked up, we lose circulation and sometimes even feeling to our extremities (think about Neuropathy and Raynaud's). This type of equipment that you simply lay down on, gets everything moving and grooving fast after only a few sessions. You will need to experience it to believe it!


5. Increase internal heat.

Part of our lymphatic system cleanse is to daily drink a tea made with lemon, ginger, beet crystals and cayenne pepper. This is amazing for increasing internal heat and circulation. Prepare a quart and sip it throughout the day in a thermos hot, or drink one cup in the morning and one before bed. See full recipe below.



  • 1 quart distilled or purified water

  • A few slices of fresh ginger
  • The juice of 2 lemons
  • 1-10 drops of liquid cayenne (increase as desired)
  • 1 teaspoon of beet crystals



Take a quart of distilled or purified water and put in a pot. Add a few ginger slices (1 inch or more) and bring to a low boil for approximately 10 minutes. Add the juice of 2 lemons, 1 teaspoon of beet crystals and 1-10 drops of liquid cayenne (the more the better). You can increase or decrease cayenne based on tolerance and taste. Drink this quart throughout the day whenever desired. It’s best to drink warm or at room temperature.