See Lymph Congestion with Iridology


The lymphatic system is the most important detoxification system in the body, responsible for keeping blood clean and moving metabolic and acid wastes out through the kidneys.  

Here are some signs that could indicate unhealthy, congested lymph: allergies and food sensitivities, frequent cold and flu infections, joint pain, arthritis, headaches and migraines, menstrual cramps, fibrocystic breasts, breast tenderness around cycle, sinusitis, loss of appetite and GI issues, bloating, muscle cramping, tissue swelling, fatigue, brain fog, mood irregularities, depression, parasites, skin breakouts, acne, and cellulite. In general, you may feel tired and toxic, with a heaviness in your chest or abdomen

Lymphatic system stagnation can easily be seen in the human eye.  An iridology assessment can make this very clear for you.  You might even be able to see it in your own eye.  Here are the signs:


1.  If You Have Blue Eyes:

  • Blue eyes in general are genetically pre-disposed to lymph and kidney congestion

  • Look for white covering your eyes (all the white is lymph stagnation). We call this over-acid or a febrile condition. When it builds into a thick netting, we call it uric acid diathesis

  • There are pockets of lymph stagnation that show as little blotches around the outside of the iris in zone 6 (the lymph zone). They almost look like little cotton balls

  • If you have very dark coloration (rust/brown) around the pupil of the eye, this is severe lymph stagnation


2. If You Have Green, Hazel or Steel Grey Eyes

  • Your eyes are really BLUE! The coloring is your true blue eye underneath mixed with the colors of lymph, kidney or other congested areas of the body

  • All green, hazel or steel grey eyes have lymph congestion. The darker the eye, the more congestion

  • If you have very dark coloration (rust/brown) around the pupil of the eye, this is severe lymph stagnatio


3. If You Have TRUE Brown Eyes (descendants of asian, african american, etc.)

  • Brown eyes are genetically pre-disposed to liver congestion, which is most always a sign of lymphatic system congestion. (It is hard to have a congested liver if your lymph system is working)

  • It is harder to see lymph stagnation in general with brown eyes

  • If the area around your pupil is DARKER than the rest of the eye, you have lymph stagnation

This is really a blue eye with severe lymphatic and liver congestion around the digestive zone (around the pupil).  In a blue eye this digestive zone should also be blue.  

This eye would appear "green or hazel" to most people, but it is really a blue eye.  The white is lymph stagnation and inflammation.  You can also see the whitish/yellowish tophi or "cotton balls" around the outside of the iris which indicates even deeper lymph stagnation.  This condition is also known as hydrogenoid.  

Almost everyone has some level of lymphatic system congestion in the body.  "Seeing is believing."  To come up with a good cleansing program, the key is knowing where to start, and iridology can help with that.  Learn more about iridology and book an appointment with a certified iridologist.