How To Break Sugar Addiction


Ways to fight Sugar Addiction, the Legalized Drug

Many people reading this article may not like what I have to say, yet for many, it will save your life. I always ask people, “Does a good pastor tell you what you want to hear, or what you NEED to hear?” The time has come where we need to stop fooling ourselves and learn to face reality. So without further adieu:


there is no such thing as healthy sugar, period!

Americans are so addicted to sugar that we will do anything to continue to satisfy our cravings. We justify it by saying that we only use “healthy” sugar, as if that is something in existence. I cannot do justice to the tremendous damage that sugar is doing to your health, but let me make a few quick points, give you references for further study and a couple of great recipes at the end.

I want you to know I speak from experience on this issue. I grew up a sugar addict, from sugared cereals, cool-aid, and soda by the case to all the candy I could afford with my weekly allowance. By 30, my body was wrecked and I didn’t know why.


What is sugar?

How did God make sugar?  Sugar cane is a STICK. It was never meant to be processed and consumed in large amounts. What about agave? It is still heavily concentrated sugar. It doesn’t come out of the plant that way. What about fruit?  Fruit is very healthy and cleansing if eaten alone on an empty stomach, eaten ripe and choosing the healthiest, most hydrating fruits.  Fruit becomes a problem when eating only dried, sugary fruits or combining with other foods that creates fermentation, gas and bloating.  The very first step I tell anyone with Diabetes is to eliminate ALL sugared drinks. Drink water and herbal teas. Propel “water,” and Vitamin “water” are loaded with sugar. Look at the first five ingredients in “Pediatrician recommended” Pediasure.  It’s mostly sugar.

Does this scenario sound familiar to anyone? First, you admit you are a sugar addict, after years of denial (maybe because of a health problem or maybe just a new level of awareness). Next, you throw away all your processed table sugar and stop eating the “obvious” junk like cookies, cake and candy. Finally, you load up on agave, honey, maple syrup and “organic” sugars like cane, palm, and beet because it’s “healthy” sugar. You may have made better choices, but it’s not going to heal your body or break the sugar addiction cycle. The number one mistake vegetarians make is they are so focused on not eating meat that many become sugar junkies.

GRAINS are also sugars in the form of complex carbohydrates (starch molecules). Complex carbohydrates are hard on the body. They actually are not used by the body until broken down into simple sugars. This process is tough on digestion, the kidneys and the adrenal glands. It also creates acidosis in the body because of the acid waste byproducts that need to be eliminated via the kidneys, which leads to degenerative conditions. Acidosis is the underlying root cause of most sickness and disease as we know it. Grains would include breads, pasta, pizza, crackers, baked goods, etc.  

In a healthy body, whole unprocessed grains can be consumed in moderation. However, anyone with any health concerns or diagnosed illnesses, grains should be eliminated for healing to take place. The reason is because the body has already been compromised and can no longer handle these foods.


What happens when concentrated sugar enters the body?

Sugar is poison, plain and simple. Your joints swell, your liver swells and your brain swells. Know anybody diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis? Their diets are often filled with dairy, grains and sugars.  If you eliminate these foods, the joint pain starts to go away and the body begins to heal.  

Sugar will block the healing of your body if you have any injury or chronic illness. Sugar feeds cancer and all infectious diseases. Sugar blocks the absorption of the nutrients you are eating, especially all of your minerals. I could go on, but instead please check out  This website will give you the 143 reasons why sugar will destroy your health.  You can also read Sugar Blues by William Duffy. In 1975 he accurately predicted the health disaster that is currently taking place in America because of our addiction to sugar.


Does sugar cause Diabetes?

You bet, 100%. The American Diabetes Association will tell you otherwise. They say take your drugs and insulin and eat what you want! And people believe it! This makes me sick to my stomach. The pharmaceutical companies will make an average profit of $115,000 per Diabetic patient over the course of their lifetime. They actually tell the reps this as part of their training! Do you not think the pharmaceutical companies know exactly what your disease is worth to their pocketbooks? This is why they help you “maintain” your disease, not reverse it. You can reverse diabetes in less than one month! Stop eating sugar. Sadly, many people can’t do it. It is so addictive (more addictive than cocaine) that people will often lose their eyesight, their feet and live in misery instead of eliminating the poison that causes this disease. Doctors unfortunately do not educate their patients about nutrition, which enables the person to continue a poor, diabetes promoting type of lifestyle.  Taking drugs does not stop the disease process!

I sincerely hope this is sinking in. Please think about your family and your children. Stop giving your children candy as a “reward.” We are stuck in patterns that need to change. Focus on fruit and raw honey. Just because honey and fruit are better choices than processed table sugar does not give us a free pass to abuse them. Use stevia, it could be your new best friend. There is zero sugar in Stevia. They have flavors that taste amazing! Stevia cookbooks are available and the recipes are easy to follow.


Sugar is a true addiction for many people. Get help! Please! I mean it! Here are 10 Steps to help you break the addiction.  

  1. Drink Water: Sometimes the signal that is sent to the brain tricks your body into thinking you want sugar when in fact, you may just be thirsty. Sipping water throughout the day is good way to keep hydrated and keep the cravings down. Also, by drinking water all day, you’ll avoid all those sugary drinks that add up very quickly, and the fact is, water is the ONLY liquid your body needs.

  2. It is a DRUG: Treat it that way. The more concentrated (man-made and not of God) the sugar, the more addictive it becomes!

  3. Build the Adrenal Glands: Get my handout on Adrenal Exhaustion! The proper functioning of this gland is key. Adrenals balance blood sugars and mineral levels in the body.

  4. Get Minerals: Chromium! This metabolizes sugar properly for your body. Mineralizing the body will cut down on cravings. Your body needs nutrition, and the main reason you need good nutrition is to get the minerals your body needs on a daily basis. In addition, sugar greatly affects mineral absorption and causes major deficiencies. Anyone who eats sugar on a daily basis needs to replenish their mineral levels to avoid this vicious cycle and maintain balance.

  5. Understanding the Role of Fat: The over consumption of fat can be as dangerous as the over consumption of sugar. The first step is choosing quality fats like nuts, seeds, avocado, olives and coconut. Please cut out rancid fats and oils like those in processed foods, fried foods and vegetable oils. Use small amounts of quality fats to sustain your blood sugar levels, but be careful not to overdo it.

  6. Exercise: The benefits to exercise are immeasurable. The body was meant to move. America would not be overweight if we exercised like we were supposed to. In fact, in Colonial America, obesity was extremely rare. This is the best way to burn off all that food we’re eating, and build muscle. We’ve all heard muscle burns fat. It’s true, work on building muscle with light weights, yoga or any exercise program. Moving muscles builds muscles, you don’t have to be a weightlifter! Get serious about exercise, your health depends on it.

  7. Eat Fermented Foods: Fermented foods stop the teeter totter effect from salt to sugar. They are a grounded, more neutral food, therefore cutting cravings. According to Donna Gates at Body Ecology, this is THE best way to curb sugar cravings. I have experienced the benefits of this myself and highly recommend this option. I have kefir and vegetable starter kits where you can make your own, which is ideal. Quality cultured foods include kim chi, coconut kefir, Bragg’s apple cider vinegar, and sauerkraut. These are one food missing from the American diet that other cultures eat daily.

  8. Leafy Greens: These will build your health AND change your taste buds!

  9. Proteins, Not Starch: A quality protein source is always a better choice than processed white flour products that are sugar in the body. Protein gives more sustainable energy over complex starches which cause blood sugar imbalances and leads to cravings.

  10. Herbs: Stevia, Gymnema and Cinnamon are just a few of many herbs that block sugar absorption, decrease cravings, balance blood sugars, and speed metabolism!