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The Foundations of Health: Part 1 - God's Food

We need to be called back to the foundations of the way God created us to live and thrive, not just survive. In this five-part series, you will go on a journey back to our Creator and His intentions for life on this earth. As we dive into these five principles, we pray that you will be able to find footing in a tumultuous world.

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Our Top 6 Favorite North American Herb & Spice Products

North American Herb and Spice shares our belief that nourishment from raw whole foods is the key to maintaining optimal health. They are a brand you can trust as they only use the purest ingredients to create powerful extracts free from harmful pesticides, chemicals, and solvents. We love to purchase their products because they provide the highest quality ingredients from the wild Mediterranean Mountains to the valleys of the Amazon Rainforest. Best of all, they respect nature and align themselves with causes for nature conservation. Take a look at our top 6 favorite products from North American Herb & Spice!

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