The Foundations of Health: Part 3 - Move



Movement is essential to life! When we stop moving, our bodies quickly slip away from us. Movement affects our circulation, digestion, and elimination processes. In our technology-saturated and sedentary society, we often are not intentional about keeping our bodies and blood flowing with oxygen. Establishing movement as a part of your daily family routine can help to reduce stress, and increase the clarity of thinking and immune function.

Here are some ways to get your family moving:

• Family walks or bike rides

• Playing tag or hide-n-seek

• Playing a game of basketball, soccer, or tennis

• Swim at the pool, lake, or ocean

• Go on a family hike or nature walk

• Stretch outside in the sun

• Put on worship music and have a dance party

• Do house chores or yard work as a family

Changing the way we move helps to keep different muscles and parts of the brain young and pliable, so mix it up! Involve the whole family in deciding how to move for the day, and you will find yourselves more connected and alive!

If you've missed parts 1-2 of our Foundations of Health Series, check out our previous posts here, or review this summary before jumping in below:

Part 1 encourages you to create a healthy diet. This basic principle is a plumb-line to encourage a healthy diet. When we eat God's original foods, we become full of life and vitality; sickness and disease are not present in our bodies, and our minds become more precise and more creative.

Part 2 emphasizes the importance of taking time to rest daily and weekly to combat the onslaught of stress and provides simple mindful practices, to reignite your mind and spirit.