The Foundations of Health: Part 2 - Rest


The idea of real rest is something that is very foreign in our society. The principle of rest is one that comes from the Sabbath concept in the Bible. God created for six days, and on the seventh day, He rested. Taking time to rest daily and weekly is essential to combating the onslaught of stress that is so toxic to our systems. We rarely relax, as we are constantly connected to technology and our never-ending to-do lists. Rest starts with simple mindful practices, like breathing. When we stop and quiet our minds and spirits, and focus first on the Lord, He promises us rest for our souls.

This can come in many different ways:

• Quiet morning meditation and prayer with a cup of tea

• Walk with a focus on breathing and connecting with our Creator

• Make time for creative expression in the garden

• Take time to paint or draw in nature

• Listen to music or nature sounds

By inviting kids into this time daily will help to create habits that will help them be more balanced as adults. The only way to maintain this type of time in a hectic world is to be intentional.

Resting with our loved ones can come as:

• A post-dinner family walk

• Laying in the grass and looking at the clouds

• Having a time of family gratitude

• Creative art sessions

• Times of family worship and prayer

• Reading aloud to the entire family

These can all be great ways to lower the stress in our own lives and the lives of our children. When children are on the edge and over-stimulated, disconnecting from technology and practicing true rest can change the environment of the home and the heart. Jesus calls us to come to Him if we are weary and carry heavy burdens so He can give us rest. How amazing is it to give our children the gift of finding rest in the Lord!

If you've missed part 1 of our Foundations of Health Series, check out our previous post here, or review this summary before jumping in below:

Part 1 encourages you to create a healthy diet. This basic principle is a plumb-line to encourage a healthy diet. When we eat God's original foods, we become full of life and vitality; sickness and disease are not present in our bodies, and our minds become more precise and more creative.