The Foundations of Health: Part 1 - God's Food


The world today is at a place where many are living in a full-blown rat race, running from one obligation to the next and barely taking time to breathe, let alone focus on their health. As a result of this modern phenomenon, many of us are finding ourselves "burnt out" or sick. We need to be called back to the foundations of the way God created us to live and thrive, not just survive. In this five-part series, you will go on a journey back to our Creator and His intentions for life on this earth. As we dive into these five principles, we pray that you will be able to find footing in a tumultuous world.

God's Food

God not only created human beings, but He created the fuel we need to live healthy and full lives. He created fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, grasses, and herbs to nourish the human body. These living foods are packed with an abundance of nutrients for the human body. We want to get back to eating what God gave us in the Garden of Eden.

This is why we have coined the phrase: "Eat it the way God made it."

This basic principle is a plumb-line to encourage a healthy diet. When we eat God's original foods, we become full of life and vitality; sickness and disease are banished from our bodies, and our minds become clearer and more creative. When we eat processed, pesticide-ridden dead foods, full of fillers and chemicals, our digestion and brains become sluggish. We end up being a breeding ground for sickness, disease, and all kinds of infectious activity. If we can get back to the garden of God's design, we will experience real living!

Our underlying philosophy for eating the way God made it includes a diet that is

  • 80% or more raw living foods such as fruits, veggies, greens, nuts and seeds, and

  • 20% cooked foods that are from either plant or "clean" animal sources such as beans & legumes, grains, eggs, chicken, fish, turkey, and beef. Leviticus 11 describes the clean meats that can be eaten.

Eating by design can be an avenue to achieving optimal health and completely reversing sickness and disease. To obtain a vibrant, healthy life, it is recommended to seek as close to the Garden of Eden as possible, which means 100% raw living foods.

This blog is the first part of a five-part series on The Foundations of Health. The goal of this series is to help simplify healthy living by breaking it down to five core principles that we believe are biblically based and critical for the health of you and your family.