The Foundations of Health: Part 4 - Connect



Connection to God and people is essential to human existence; we were created for it. When we connect with God and others, there is a natural and supernatural transaction that occurs. It is written that man was not made to be alone. In a culture of technological isolation, making a human connection a priority is essential.

Some strategies for connection are:

• Put away all electronic devices during designated times of the day

• Make family dinner time special by asking questions about your day

• Play one family game a day

• Plan special face-to-face time with each family member

• Create art together

• Show physical affection

• Get in nature together on a walk, hike or a camping trip

We have to be intentional in our society about connection, or it just won't happen. It seems out of reach for many, but until we learn to slow down and connect with the God who loves us as well as the people around us, we will not thrive the way God intended! Take time to connect daily with God first, then your family and friends, and you will find your soul richer and more fulfilled.

If you've missed parts 1-3 of our Foundations of Health Series, check out our previous posts here, or review this summary before jumping in below:

Part 1 encourages you to create a healthy diet. This basic principle is a plumb-line to encourage a healthy diet. When we eat God's original foods, we become full of life and vitality; sickness and disease are not present in our bodies, and our minds become more precise and more creative.

Part 2 emphasizes the importance of taking time to rest daily and weekly to combat the onslaught of stress and provides simple mindful practices, to reignite your mind and spirit. 

Part 3 empowers you to establish movement as a part of your daily family routine to reduce stress, and increase the clarity of thinking and immune function.