Keys to Snacking with Kids


Keep it light and hydrating. Fruit is your best option for light and healthy snacking. Full of enzymes, vitamins and minerals; fruit brings energy and vitality into little bodies and will not sabotage your efforts at regular meal times.

  • Our favorites: grapes, watermelon, apple slices, oranges, berries or whatever is in season

As much as possible, keep the prep and cleanup to a minimum for snacks and save your energy for meal time!

  • Quick & easy snacks: fresh cut fruit, sliced cucumbers sprinkled with sea salt, sliced zucchini and salsa, Bubbies pickles, sliced avocado & tomato with a scoop of sauerkraut, Chlorella Tablets, handful of nuts or seeds mixed with ribbon cut coconut flakes

Prep snacks for outings to the zoo, park or a nature walk by doing some thoughtful prep time beforehand.

Use store-bought snacks to help fill in the gap. Make sure they are whole food based and avoid harmful ingredients.

Keep frozen fruit and other smoothie making ingredients on hand to whip up a quick smoothie or a blended fruit sorbet for a mid-day snack. Smoothies can also be made as a quick alternative to a regular meal.