5 Herbs for Allergies


For a natural approach to allergies, we love to use organic and wildcrafted herbs. Herbal remedies offer amazing relief from allergies without nasty side effects. In fact, many are packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that not only relieve allergy symptoms but also nourish the body and reduce inflammation for a healthy immune system. Below are our top five herbs for allergies.

1. Nettle Leaf

This herb is a must-have for anyone with allergies. It not only soothes sensitivities but also blocks histamine production for relief from symptoms like runny nose, itchy eyes, and more. As an added bonus, it contains vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to nourish and detox the body.

2. Bentonite Clay

Although clay is often associated with face masks, it’s actually an amazing detoxifier when used internally. The clay absorbs allergens and removes them naturally before they become a problem. it’s a simple and inexpensive remedy that should be at the top of everyone’s list.

3. Mullein Leaf

Breathing is far more difficult when allergies arise, but with Mullein Leaf it doesn’t have to be. The potent herb clears congestion from the lungs and passages for easy-breathing.

4. Ginger Root

As a natural antihistamine, this herb provides relief from seasonal allergies. Packed with antioxidants, its potent properties make it an ideal remedy as it fights microbes and reduces inflammation to rebalance the immune system.

5. Peppermint Leaf

The refreshing minty taste of peppermint does more than freshen breath. Its anti-inflammatory properties reduce allergy symptoms and allow for easier breathing as it opens up breathing passages in the lungs and sinus cavity.

Allergy Relief Tea

To reduce symptoms, we like to drink Allergy Relief Tea. It contains several of the herbs on this list including Nettle Leaf, Ginger Root, Mullein Leaf, and Peppermint Leaf. It also has the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants needed to combat allergy symptoms and boost the immune system. Follow the recipe below for allergy relief.

Directions: Use 1 Tbsp per 8 oz glass of tea. Bring water to a boil, add the tea, and continue boiling for 5-7 minutes. Steep for 7-10 additional minutes, then add honey or stevia to sweeten.