Our Natural Medicine Cabinet


We all want the best for our children. It is our responsibility to protect them. The best way to do that is through good nutrition, a healthy, active lifestyle, and herbal remedies. Keeping them out of the hospital is the ideal scenario. Our culture has been led to believe that we must run to the doctor for everything. Reliance on the medical model has taken knowledge, wisdom, responsibility, and the power away from the parents and children and into the hands of doctors, hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies. It is time to get back to the ancient paths. It is time to restore our children and protect them adequately.

Below are some of the supplements we always keep in our cabinet for those times when we have little accidents in the home or feel a bit under the weather.

Baking Soda

-Add a teaspoon to water for an upset tummy
-Add to a bath for poison ivy
-Use in a poultice to disinfect wounds
-Drink a teaspoon in water every day to kills fungus and yeast

Bentonite Clay

-Make it into a paste and apply it to wounds and cover with a bandage. Clay is a great wound healer.
-Make it into a paste and apply it to spider, bee, or other insect bits. The clay will help draw out the poisons from the bits.
-Mix a tablespoon of clay in glass of water for diarrhea or food poisoning.


-Charcoal is the best for binder toxins. Mix 1 tablespoon into water for any issues with food poisoning or upset stomach, this works the quickest (it is also known to bind mold toxins).

Oregano Liquid & Capsules

-Take oregano at the onset of any cold, flu, or infection, etc.

Wish Garden Formulas for Cold & Flu

-Wish Garden makes great forumlas that are safe for children and women during pregnancy. Use these tinctures to help you or your kids get over the cold or flu.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are amazing for thousands of reasons, but here are a few.

-Peppermint: Use for headaches and to help with digestion
-Ylang-Ylang: Use for headaches, nausea and skin conditions
-Tea Tree: It’s an an antiseptic. Use for cuts, wounds, itchy skin conditions, head lice and foot fungus
-Eucalyptus: Use is a hot shower or bath for colds or sinus issues
-Frankincense: Use for skin imperfections, sinus congestion, inflamed skin

Castor Oil

-It’s Great for emergency constipation. Take 3 teaspoons with water.
-Make a castor oil pack and use on cysts, fibroids, camps, digestion pain, damaged spines, or any inflammatory condition to calm the nervous system
-Woman can also use castor oil packs to heal more quickly after giving birth

Slippery Elm or Marshmallow Root

-Steep these herbs in hot water and use for for acid reflux, sore tummy, ulcers, leaky gut, and general soothing for the entire digestive tract.
-We created GI Restore Tea which combines both herbs along with several others that work together to heal the GI track.

Aloe Vera

-Apply topically on sunburns and fungal conditions on the skin
-Add to water, juice or smoothies to aid digestion

Olive Gold O3

This is the best burn healer we’ve seen!
-Apply to burns, wounds, ringworm or anything topical issue on the skin

Healing Salve by Herbally Grounded

This is best wound healer we have ever seen!
-Good for post-surgery or any wound or injury
-Use on bug bites, snake bites or any other bite


-Use to reduce pain related to minor injuries. Take orally or find it in a cream to massage into the skin for sore or injured muscles and joints

Silver Biotics

Silver Gel: An essential element in helping to rejuvenate and promote natural healing all over the body

Silver Liquid: Use to boost the immune system