10 Products for Colds, Flus & Immune Support

Elderberries and juice for immune system.jpg

When cold and flu season comes, don’t go running. There are many ways you can boost your immune system or heal from these common illnesses using plant medicines from the earth. Here are some of our favorite products to stock up on during the winter months.


1. WishGarden Products

When you’re passing a cold back and forth with your little one and nothing else seems to do the trick, reach for the WishGarden line. During the cold and flu season, we find that Kick-it Biotic and Kick-it Cough give us the extra immune boost we need. While the Biotic formula is ideal for supporting the immune, respiratory, and lymph systems, the Cough formula offers relief for our little one experiencing a nasty cough. One reason we love WishGarden is that they create products specifically for children and pregnant and nursing moms.


2. Protect by Shen Blossom

We like to spray this mint herbal throat spray into a cup of hot water, breathe in the aroma, then drink the tea to clear the sinuses. For respiratory health, a few sprays of the garlic thyme formula gives a cleansing effect for easy breathing. Use both of these Shen Blossom formulas to fight off pathogens and breathe easy this cold and flu season.


3. North American Herb & Spice Oregabiotic

This wild spice oil is made with powerful herbs like oregano, cumin, sage, and bay leaf to naturally boost white blood cell count and enhance the immune system. It’s the only maximum strength spice oil that provides a gradual release of minerals and nutrients, making it highly effective. One or two capsules daily is all you need to fight that pesky cold.


4. doTERRA On Guard essential oil

Forget that it’s a best-selling essential oil, that it energizes and uplifts the spirit, or that it has the power to clean and purify the air. What we really love about this essential oil is how it supports the immune system: by fighting off environmental and seasonal threats.


5. Our Super Immune Mushroom

When we’re struggling with a more serious health threat, the Super Immune Mushroom Extract Blend is our best friend. Derived from the six most potent species of mushrooms in Traditional Chinese Medicine, it fights pathogens and supports the immune system naturally.


6. Spirit of Health Immune Boost Tea

This tea not only kills nasty pathogens, but it also tastes amazing with a little help from the Elderberries! Made with Echinacea, Elderberry, Astragalus and more, it increases white blood cell production and strengthens the body. Drink it to support your immune system or when that awful cold comes around. Plus you’ll love the taste!


7. River Hills Elderberry

We’ve all had a cold that has lingered for weeks or even months. With the powerful antioxidants found in these medicinal berries, you can wipe out your cold or flu naturally so you won’t have to worry about it sticking around longer than it needs to.


8. Argentyn 23 Silver

Boost your health with Argentyn 23 Silver Nasal Spray. Made from colloidal silver and silver hydrosol, it attacks bacterial cells for fast results. Did I mention it’s antimicrobial and vegan-friendly? Try the nasal spray for immediate relief.


9. SinuOrega Nose Spray by NAH&S

This is one of the most cleansing nasal sprays we’ve ever used. Powered by essential oils like sage, bay leaf, clove, and oregano, the natural nasal wash kills fungus and clears out sinus infections for easy breathing. Even better, it’s safe for everyday use to support your sinuses.


10. Fire Cider

Ignite your senses with the sweet and spicy flavors of Fire Cider. Packed with antioxidants, it fights everything from the common cold to inflammation. Its antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties make it a natural flu destroyer. You’ll love its ability to fuel your body with energy as it heals and speeds up your recovery.