Vaughn’s Top 5 Supplements for Children’s Health


There are foundational building blocks that every person needs based on God's design of the human body; our children are no different. Greens, minerals, superfoods, herbs, and probiotics are essential for growing children. Not only do these nourish and build the body, but they simultaneously provide a cleansing and healing effect. Along with a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables, the supplements below will bring about amazing health for you and your family and can be added into a favorite juice or smoothie.

#1 Greens: Aloe Life Daily Greens

Greens not only are loaded with nutrition, but they alkalize, cleanse and purify the system. Aloe Life Daily Greens is an excellent combination of greens that actually tastes good! This formula contains a wonderful blend of greens (barley, wheatgrass, alfalfa, chlorella, aloe vera, etc.) as well as a green vegetable blend (kale, asparagus, dandelion, bamboo, etc.). Our family has added this to smoothies for many years!

Dosage: 1 teaspoon or more in juice or smoothies per child. 1 Tablespoon per adult.

Other Amazing Greens Products: Green Vibrance by Vibrant Health, Greens Power Blend by Spirit of Health

#2 Minerals: BIOCEAN Hypertonic 3.5

Minerals drive many functions of the human body. In diluted amounts, ocean minerals have almost the exact mineral composition as human blood. For over 100 years, these minerals have been proven to help reverse skin conditions, improve sleep, assist basic muscle & nerve function, improve energy, improve hydration. Biocean also helps to assimilate nutrients, alkalize the system, optimize adrenal function, and much more. Mineral deficiencies are chronic today, not only in our children but also in mothers struggling with post-partum depression, hair loss, and even tooth deterioration after birth.

Dosage: 1 teaspoon 2x daily for each child. Can be added to juices, smoothies or other liquids. It does have a bit of a "mineral" taste, so it is best diluted or added to other items.

Other Amazing Mineral Products: Inner Vitality by Morningstar, Restore 4 Life by Biomic Sciences (heals leaky gut!) and Endure by Trace Minerals Research

#3 Superfoods: Dr Morse Superfood Blend III

Superfood plants are known for their high vitamin, mineral, and antioxidant content. This power-packed superfood powder is designed specifically with children, pregnant women, and the elderly in mind. It contains a blend of nutritious berries and other fruits, along with alfalfa juice, kelp, and royal jelly. The benefits of this superfood formula are many. Not only does it deliver an easily absorbable form of calcium and iodine, but the phytonutrients, especially from the royal jelly, are amazing for hormone health and adrenal function. This formula provides not only powerful nutrition but also calcium needed for teething, bone growth, and maintaining the alkalinity within the bloodstream.

Dosage: 1 heaping teaspoon daily per child. Tastes good and is easy to add to almost anything.

Other Amazing Superfood Products: Superfood Blend by Spirit of Health, Superfood Powder by Synergy and Cacao Plus Superfood Meal by Sarvaa

#4 Probiotics: Humarian Probonix Children's Daily Probiotic

Probiotics are living organisms that help us digest our foods and keep infectious bacteria out. There are more bacteria in and on our body than human cells! This organic, non-GMO liquid probiotic is an exclusive formula containing 8 of the most effective probiotic strains. It has a delivery system that bypasses the stomach acid and brings the probiotics directly into the intestines where they are needed. Taking it is simple. You can take it under the tongue or add to any juice or smoothie. This formula is known to help with gas, colic, diarrhea, constipation, skin conditions, breathing conditions, and more.

*Note – Reactions have been noted such as cold/flu symptoms or skin rashes. These are GOOD signs of a healing response in the body because of how effective this formula is. You can back off the dosage a bit if needed. There is also an ADVANCED CHILDREN'S FORMULA for those who need stronger dosages for more severe bowel conditions.

Dosage: Simple give children 6-8 drops once daily. Can increase dosage as needed for more serious concerns or try the advanced children's formula.

Other Amazing Probiotic Products: Belly Balance by BioRay, Syntol Kids by Arthur Andrew Medical and Proviotic for Kids by Proviotic

#5 Herbs: Dr. Morse & BIORAY Formulas

Dr. Morse & BIORAY herbs are powerful and nourish, strengthen, heal, cleanse, and detoxify the body. Specific herbs are beneficial to children for various concerns. These herbal formulas can easily be added to juices or smoothies, or watch them line up like little birdies in the nest and simply drop under the tongue. You can safely add multiple formulas as desired.

Dr. Morse Formulas
BIORAY Formulas