Top 9 Products for Summer

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Summer means more time spent outdoors soaking in the sunshine. As the weather warms up, people look to products like sunscreen and bug repellant to protect their skin from their surroundings. Although these products appear effective, they're filled with chemicals that wreak havoc on both your body and the environment. To promote clean outdoor living, here is our list of top summer products that are all natural, including sunscreen, bug and tick repellants, and herbal blends for a healthy summer free of chemicals.

BioAstin (12mg)

The sun is amazing for your immune system. This supplement helps us to absorb the light without getting a nasty sunburn. It's an internal antioxidant sunscreen to help you naturally protect your skin from within.

Stream2Sea Sunscreen

What makes this sunscreen stand out from the rest is that it protects your body while preserving the ecosystem. It's a high-performance mineral-based sunscreen with SPF 30 for broad-spectrum protection. It also comes in a tinted formula and is water resistant for 80 minutes of activity.

Stream2Sea Relief Gel

This relief gel is made from a powerful blend of essential oils, enzymes, aloe, and antioxidants. The oils and enzymes quickly cool skin for fast relief from sunburned skin, while the aloe, green tea, and antioxidants speed up the skin's healing process. Use this gel after sun exposure, insect bites, or underwater stings.

Yaya Tick Ban

This unique blend is made from essential oils that people love and ticks hate, including cedar, peppermint, thyme, geranium, and more. It can also repel fleas and is safe for the whole family, including dogs.

Yaya Squito Ban

Now in a 16-ounce bottle, this natural repellent was made specifically to repel mosquitos and includes a special blend of essential oils. It's a potent formula that can even repel those pesky black flies. For babies, try the YaYa Baby Bug Ban.

Olive Gold

We love Olive Gold because it works for just about everything on the skin. Its olive oil infused with oxygen. The ozone (O3) works to eliminate infection and bacteria in the skin. We recommend using it for common skin problems, including acne and burns as it soothes, heals, and restores the skin.

Electrolyte Stamina Power Pak

To help restore electrolytes, we like to use these packets from Trace Minerals Research. It's a high-performance energy drink without the nasty caffeine, artificial flavors, and artificial stimulants. It's great for exercise, hydration, and replacing minerals.

Strength of Samson

This blend is amazing for supporting and building healthy muscle. It includes plenty of greens, easily digestible plant-based protein, plus adaptogen herbs to support healthy hormone levels and energy. It's great for smoothies, exercise, additional protein, and greens.

Adaptogen Power Blend

The adaptogens in this power blend help improve the health of your adrenal system, which is in charge of managing your body's response to stress. This is a great addition to any smoothie for strength, stamina, and energy for outdoor activities.

Superfood Blend w/ Adaptogens

Packed with superfoods like goji berry, elderberry, and reishi mushroom, this herbal blend is a great addition for a nutrient-dense smoothie. For even more health benefits, we added our adaptogen blend to support your adrenals and help you stay healthy and active this summer.