Team Building in Nature


Community and teamwork are important to us here at Spirit of Health, so in honor of those values we took our team out to the country to enjoy some good ole nature.

We started our evening with a scavenger hunt called "nature's bounty." Each team did surprisingly well, but the thing that set the winning team apart was that they were able to catch an elusive frog on film locking in the win. Next, it was time to cook food. Everyone had a great time roasting chicken sausages over the fire and eating a big pan of delicious roasted veggies.


Hannah decided she wanted to learn how to split wood and boy did she catch on fast. We then took a group hike along the river stopping to skip rocks and catch frogs. We followed this by sitting around the fire with hot apple cider and Jen's acorn squash dessert (you can get the recipe here). We ended the day by answering silly questions about ourselves and sharing with one another how we came to know Jesus.


We had such a nice time getting to know each other better and enjoying the natural beauty all around us!

-Vaughn & Jen