Understanding Fertility

We must look at fertility from two different angles

  1. What is affecting fertility in a negative way?
  2. What promotes fertility?


What is affecting fertility in a negative way?

There are a number of environmental factors affecting a woman’s ability to get pregnant in today’s world. Half of the time, the man is actually the reason a woman cannot get pregnant, yet  we often assume it is the fault or lack of health in the woman.  Here are some of the top factors to consider with infertility.


1. Birth Control and HRT

For many unfortunate reasons, we are choosing synthetic chemical agents that alter the natural cycles of the body. Birth control is being used for acne, “hormone balancing,” or simply “convenience” of not having a menstrual cycle. This is traumatic on many levels to the woman and society as a whole. This is contrary to God’s design of women.  Birth control is one of the biggest reasons for infertility today. Even after stopping birth control, the dangerous negative effects of synthetic estrogens are long-lasting such as infertility, increased risk of cancer and stroke, decreased bone density, high blood pressure, yeast overgrowth and infections.

Many women are told that HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) is perfectly safe and necessary to re-balance hormones. It is important to know that a hormonal imbalance is not a disease nor is menopause. We have learned the hard way that trying to fix imbalances through synthetic hormones is ineffective, and although many women experience short term relief, there are long- term consequences. Hormones are a delicate balance and it is difficult to know which hormones to replace and how much to administer. In addition, much of what is being used are synthetic replicas the body does not understand, making it almost impossible to balance hormones using modern pharmaceuticals. True healthy hormonal balance can be achieved if we put the right nutrition in the body and eliminate what is causing the disruption.

“Bioidentical” is not natural. The term itself means “biologically identical” to either what is found in nature or “biologically identical” to the hormone itself. It is compounded in a pharmacy using petrochemicals and although they may use a small amount of natural ingredients, it is still mostly, if not all, synthetic.  Just because it might have similar molecular structure, does not mean the body will be able to recognize or use it, if it is made from something that was never designed to go into the human body.


2. Poor diet

Francis Pottenger realized in the 1930’s that processed foods such as bleached white flour, white sugar, soda pop and other packaged items were void of nutrition and in fact, caused infertility. He predicted that within 3-4 generations of consuming these types of foods, our country would be battling infertility, and he was right. You can read the Pottenger Cat Study book. In order to reverse this process, one must eliminate all Standard American Diet foods and eat whole foods as close to the way God originally designed them as possible.

The worst offenders:

  • Soy. Soy is estrogenic and all animals fed soy become infertile by the 3rd generation in almost all studies. The big problem with soy is that it has been effectively promoted as a “health” food by giant food corporations to increase profit (soy protein isolate for example is a byproduct of soybean oil which was normally to be discarded as waste). It may seem beneficial in the short-term, and no negative side effects may be noted, yet it is hugely impacting all future generations of your family.  Feeding soy to babies is the equivalent of giving them birth control which increases cancer rates, causes thyroid dysfunction and infertility.
  • Bad fats. Again, soy plays a role here as many cooking oils are soy based. This is profit driven and destructive to human health and fertility. It is also the number one cause of heart disease (all “vegetable” oils). This includes corn, soy, canola, cottonseed, etc. Vegetable based oils are extremely rancid and unhealthy.  Other fats causing infertility that are also soy based include margarine and all fake butter substitutes.  These fats are considered “trans fats” because of their unstable and deadly molecular structure.  The labels often say the words “hydrogenated” or “partially hydrogenated”.  Unfortunately nearly all restaurants and especially fast food chains use these fats as their main oil for fried foods. The worst thing you can put in your body for fertility would be a deep fried, sugary starch like donuts or French fries.  We pretend this is real food in today’s modern convenience society. Please read food labels and avoid these negative fats which are hidden in almost all packaged foods. Eat whole foods!
As Jack Lalanne said, “If man made it, don’t eat it.”
  • Gluten. The gluten molecule has just recently been linked to infertility and is a growing concern. A gluten free diet is a fantastic choice for overall health. However, be cautious of the gluten-free section of grocery stores which is mainly full of starchy fillers that can be a digestive nightmare.  The main grains containing gluten include Barley, Rye, Oats and Wheat. Oats usually cause the least problems because it is usually eaten in its whole, minimally processed form. Alternatives to gluten include rice, amaranth, millet, buckwheat, quinoa and nut flours.
  • Processed sugar and artificial sweeteners (aspartame, etc.). Processed sugar completely shuts down the immune system and the glandular system. Almost every woman who has struggled with fibroids, cysts, PCOS, endometriosis, etc. almost universally has struggled with sugar and/or carbohydrate over-consumption. Eliminate all candy, baked goods, soda and hidden sugars in condiments, breads, cereals, etc. Stick to what God gave us; fruit and honey.
  • Aspartame and artificial sweeteners form formaldehyde (a dangerous carcinogen) in the body that can lead to infertility. Diet soda is the most unhealthy drink one can possibly consume. Studies in drinkers of diet soda also find a 41% increase in obesity and risk for diabetes per daily soda. For example, an intake of three diet sodas per day increases your risk by over 120%!
  • Hormones in meat and dairy products. It is critical to buy animal products from a local farmer (best) or at least buy organic at the store to avoid artificial hormones in the meat and dairy products. We are told consuming raw milk is “dangerous” which is a complete lie of the American Dairy Association driven by greed and a dirty milk industry.  If your family chooses to consume dairy make sure it is raw and or fermented from healthy, grass fed animals.
  • Anything Genetically Modified. Genetically Modified (GM) foods cannot reproduce themselves. Why would we ever eat something so contrary to God and His design? There are numerous studies now showing the link between infertility and the consumption of these foods. Monsanto will also attempt to control ALL plants on this earth which is their greed driven goal. Be aware of what foods are GM (Genetically Modified) because there is still a battle raging to get food properly labeled in this area. Do not support this agenda buy buying these foods!
    • When reading produce stickers, pay attention to the following:
      • Begins with 9 = Organic
      • Begins with 8 = Genetically Modified
      • Begins with 3,4,5 = Conventionally grown – Most likely contains chemicals
      • Sugar Beets – 90% GM (Buy only organic)
      • Papaya – 50% GM (Buy only organic)
      • Corn – 85% GM (Sweet corn is ok, for now)
      • Canola – 88% GM (Avoid canola on every level, always and forever)
      • Cotton – 88% GM
      • Soy – 91% GM (Avoid soy on every level, always and forever)
  • Anything seedless. Choose foods in their original form with SEEDS!  Avoid hybridized seedless fruits and vegetables. Why would we eat something that cannot re-produce itself?
  • Coffee, Smoking, Alcohol and all Recreational Drugs. This should be obvious except maybe coffee. Caffeine over-stimulates the glandular system, weakens the nervous system and once pregnant, should be absolutely avoided at all costs.


3. Stress

Stress negatively affects the hormones and fertility in a number of ways. To de-stress begin magnesium oil foot baths or full baths in the evening. Take herbs like holy basil, lemon balm, chamomile, lavender, etc to promote relaxation. Turn your mind off at night and do not over-stimulate the mind before going to bed with flashing lights (tv, computers, phones, etc.)


4. Plastics

Get BPA free plastic containers. Use glass, clay or stainless steel when possible. Plastic contains synthetic “hormone mimickers” which disrupt your natural hormones. This is because most plastics are coal-tar based although there are other sources coming out now.  Look for alternatives to plastic made of silicone and others.


What promotes fertility?

As we work to eliminate all or most of the above factors, let’s also focus on healing the body to promote fertility.

1. Food 

The body needs specific foods to have balanced hormones. If you look to the doctrine of signatures (food in nature looks like the body part for which it was designed) we would see that for women, avocados are important, and for men, grapes and figs would be good fertility foods. The following is a list of foods that are critical for a healthy endocrine (reproductive) system and applies to pre-pregnancy, during pregnancy, and breastfeeding after pregnancy.

  • Fats. We are very confused (because we have been lied to for almost 100 years) about what is and is not a healthy fat. Pre-1900, fertility issues were much more rare, as was heart disease, cancer and diabetes. Fats are absolutely critical to the endocrine system because the body uses fat to build healthy hormones. The body also uses cholesterol to build healthy hormones (something else we are sadly afraid of without good reason). When a woman is breastfeeding she is feeding the baby about 50% saturated fat from breast milk. Saturated fat is critical for the brain, nervous system, hormones and overall growth of the baby. Saturated fat is still important into adulthood! We saw above the deadly fats to avoid.

    A low-fat diet is a major reason we have an epidemic of fertility problems in America. It is hard to be healthy without a steady supply of hormone balancing and hormone producing fats! Instead of eating healthy fat, we are eating disease and infertility promoting fats, heavy starches and sugars.

    Here are healthy fats that will promote the development of a healthy child and promote fertility: Avocado, coconut, nuts, seeds, flax, hemp, cod liver oil, olives, olive oil, pumpkin seed, butter, raw milk, yogurt, kefir, bone broth soups, fish, eggs.

    * Note that dairy is only recommended if tolerated and if raw or fermented.  The majority of people today are congested and do not tolerate any type of dairy, raw or not.  Dairy is not necessary and can easily be avoided if there is any concern.  Also, although healthy fats are healing, too much fats in a congested body especially with liver issues can be problematic.  Listen to your body and eat small portions of quality fats in whole food form.
  • Fruits and vegetables. We must eat whole, fresh foods to get the building blocks the body needs to promote healthy cell, tissue, organ and glandular growth. Many people are eating fast foods, processed, packaged, boxed foods and very limited, if any, fresh foods. This Standard American Diet will not be able to heal the body because the vitamins, minerals and other building blocks are absent in processed foods. Greens are the healthiest choice (kale, chard, spinach, parsley, arugula, romaine, watercress) because of the high amounts of protein, b- vitamins, magnesium, iron, calcium and other critical nutrients.
  • Herbs. Herbs have been used for centuries to promote fertility. Some of the best known herbs for this use are red clover blossoms, nettle leaves, red raspberry leaves, dong quai root and false unicorn root.  Here are some great products known to promote fertility:
    • NHI has MacaHarmony (purchase in store only) which is amazing for fertilit
    • NHI has Macalibrium (purchase in store only)which is for men to increase testosterone and sperm count
    • Fertility Prep by Wishgardenfor women’s fertility
    • Deer Antler is a hormone generator that has been used in Asia and other areas out East for thousands of years. It helps the body to balance the endocrine system and turn on hormone production.
    • Proferia by Arthur Andrew is a progesterone cream
    • Progesteronic by Wishgarden naturally increases progesterone levels


2Light and sleep.

Ovulation is controlled by light.  For thousands of years, before electricity, humanity was governed by the light of our Creator, the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night (Genesis 1:16).  We are out of touch with God’s light cycles in our modern world, leading to insomnia and infertility.

One, get lots of sunlight. Sunlight should govern waking up and going to sleep.  Sunlight is needed to produce Vitamin D and also melatonin so you can get a good night’s rest. Without melatonin production, it can be difficult to sleep for many.

Two, fertility is governed by moonlight. Before modern lights and electricity, all women would bleed with the new moon and ovulate with the full moon.  Being outside at night and taking moonlight walks can rebalance a woman's fertility cycle and hormones.

Because of our “indoor”, modern world, sleep in total, and I mean total darkness. You should not be able to see your hand in front of your face. Cover your windows, block off your alarm clock, etc. However, during the three days around ovulation, leave a light on at night. The light enhances the ovulation cycle. Have intercourse during those three “light” nights to promote conception (this is imitating the full moon cycle). This is called lunaception. Remember, on all other nights the room should be pitch black.

*Note for women who are not ovulating.  Sleep EVERY NIGHT in total darkness until your body begins to ovulate.  You must learn to check your waking body temperature, vaginal sensations, your mucus and cervix changes (fertility signs).  This is all found in “Honoring Our Cycles” by Katie Singer, a great resource for women to understand their menstrual cycle and natural family planning.



Calcium and Magnesium are believed to be the single most important minerals related to conception. These should only be obtained from whole food sources and not “carbonate” forms. Green leafy vegetables are an excellent source and raw cacao (chocolate) is one of the highest known sources of magnesium. But NOT processed junk food candy-chocolate. This will be damaging to fertility hopes.  Best to take minerals right before bed which also promotes sleep and healing.


4,The Pituitary Gland and Ovaries.  

The pituitary is the "master gland" that controls other glands in the body.  This is the area that needs work if women are struggling with fertility.  It is also important for a woman's hormonal cycle.  It produces many important hormones related to growth, fertility, pregnancy, childbirth and nursing. These hormones include:

  • Adrenocorticotrophic hormone (ACTH)
  • Thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH)
  • Luteinizing hormone (LH)
  • Follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH)
  • Prolactin (PRL)
  • Growth hormone (GH)

Products to assist the pituitary:


Learn about your fertility signs.  

Vaginal mucus is one of the most important ways a woman can know if she is in a fertile stage of her menstrual cycle.  Mucus is produced because of the estrogen in the body that is released when an egg is about to leave the ovary.  Mucus serves the purpose of keeping sperm alive and can do this for up to five days.  If no mucus is present in the vagina, sperm can only survive up to 4 hours.  When the mucus levels are thickest in the vagina (thick like egg-white), this is called the “peak day,” which means you are about to ovulate and are in a fertile stage.  After the peak day, the mucus begins to dry up.  During the peak time the egg will leave the ovary and travel through the fallopian tubes and the woman will continue to be fertile for 4 days after the “peak day.”  

The ideal time to have intercourse is when a woman first starts to have mucus or wet vaginal sensations.  You can have intercourse once each day until you ovulate.  Again, the ovulation will often occur on the peak day.  You will only know it was the peak day, because after the peak day is when your body will begin to decrease in mucus production.

* NOTE:  Sometimes women will not see a pattern in vaginal mucus making it difficult to know and understand when they are fertile for ovulation.  This is because some women will experience “split peaks.”  This is when a woman produces mucus and then dries up multiple times within the same menstrual cycle.  Her body is creating false peak days and she may or may not be ovulating, most likely due to the imbalance of estrogen and progesterone.  If you have split peaks often, night lighting and diet changes are important to rebalance the cycle.  


Supplements for a healthy pregnancy 

For those wishing to ensure a healthy pregnancy and would like an overall list of recommended supplements, here are some great products:



A special note to couples desiring to conceive:

Women were designed by God to bear children.  If you are struggling with infertility, please consider waiting on God’s timing.  When your body is healthy, and ready, your body will conceive.  Also consider men’s health, testosterone levels, sperm count and motility.  We discourage forcing pregnancy through man-made inventions such as in-vitro, artificial insemination, etc.  This is circumventing God’s natural processes and forcing pregnancy on a body that is potentially not ready.  The above information is more than enough to get you balanced and on your way to a healthy new baby.  Be patient, trust in God and God’s perfect timing for your future children!