Cleansing is essential for lasting health and the best thing you can do to overcome sickness and disease. What we call sickness and disease are the symptoms of a body trying to cleanse and heal itself. Therefore, the answer to restoring health is through cleansing! We know everyone can benefit from these cleanses. Regardless of your budget, your schedule, or your family situation, everyone can participate at some level! God is ready to set people free from the bondage of sickness and disease. Are you ready to partner with Him?


A clogged and congested colon can no longer digest and deliver nutrients to the body, and waste begins to accumulate and back up in the entire body. A colon that isn't working properly can begin the process of sickness and disease. The colon is always a great place to start with cleansing.



The kidneys are a critical detoxification organ inside your body. The kidneys are responsible for not only processing all liquids that enter the body but also for filtering and eliminating lymph fluid. Their #1 job is to keep your blood clean and healthy, which it does by the removal of waste out of your lymphatic system.



The Microbe Cleanse targets a variety of infectious organisms including parasites, yeast, mold, mycotoxins, candida, and more. We know infections are a major problem, but we don't fully realize the extent of how miserable they make us feel. If you have a chronic illness, have suffered for years with sickness, pain, and degeneration, there is a good chance you have a chronic systemic infection.



The lymph is the waste disposal system of the human body.  It is essential to health and life. The main job of the 100,000+ mile long lymphatic system in your body is to keep your blood clean. The Lymphatic system dumps all of the waste it collects into the kidneys for disposal, so we recommend doing a Kidney Cleanse before the Lymphatic Cleanse. 



The liver is the most significant organ in the entire body when it comes to long-term health. It is the filter that handles everything that enters the body. If you look at most every well-known healing protocol that has been successfully healing people for decades (Hippocrates, Gerson, OHI for examples), you will see a large focus on the liver. The liver dumps all of the waste it collects into the colon for disposal, so we recommend doing a Colon Cleanse before the Liver & Gallbladder Cleanse. 



Most heavy metal poisoning happens through things we come into contact with every day. These metals need to be removed to get well! The Heavy Metal Cleanse can be very intense on the body. We recommend doing all of the previous cleanses before the Heavy Metal Cleanse to make sure all of your filters and elimination pathways are clear and working. We offer consultations and lab testing if you want more guidance with your heavy metal concerns.


Which Cleanse?

Here is the order of our full-body cleanse program. You can cleanse each area on its own in your timing. However, we put this cleansing schedule together based on what we’ve found to give the best overall results.

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Can’t Thank you enough for your informational videos. I followed your protocol for the kidney cleanse and have had so many benefits! My skin is glowing, yes so many people have complimented me on it and I was shocked that they even noticed. My Eczema has improved and I sleep much better at night. A great safe way to get those kidneys moving. God has truly blessed you and your family and I was blessed to find your guidance.
— Monica M.

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