Our Nutrition Philosophy

Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.
— Hippocrates 

Our nutrition philosophy has one main purpose; return to God’s original design in the Garden of Eden. We use Genesis 1:29 and Leviticus 11 as the foundation for how we eat every day. We believe these are the guidelines that outline a "Healthy Diet," and that food only found in nature is what God designed our bodies to consume. We call this Eating by Design and we created a free online program that anyone can use to switch from the Standard American Diet (SAD), to a healthy diet God intended.

However, did you know there is a difference between a “healthy diet” and a “healing diet”?  This is crucial to understand if your goal is to reverse sickness and disease.

There is a time for cleansing, fasting and deeper healing which the scriptures outline extensively. We consider this a "Healing Diet" and this is what we recommend to anyone with chronic sickness and disease or those wanting to go through deeper levels of cleansing. All of our recipes on our website fit into the Healthy Diet but not all fit into the Healing Diet


The Difference Between a Healthy Diet & Healing Diet


Healthy Diet

At Spirit of Health, we believe a healthy diet includes 80% or more raw living foods such as fruits, vegetables, greens, nuts and seeds and 20% cooked foods that are from either plant or “clean” animal sources as seen in Leviticus 11. Examples of these are beans and legumes, whole grains, eggs, chicken, fish, turkey and beef, as well as healthier sweeteners like maple syrup, agave or honey. This is a huge step away from processed foods, fast foods and the SAD (Standard American Diet). If you are in good health already, or just want to make better choices, this is the plan for you. However, to reverse sickness and disease, or to obtain optimal health, this isn’t enough. You will need a Healing Diet.


How To Eat By Design?

  • 80% or more raw living foods such as fruits, vegetables, greens, nuts and seeds.

  • 20% cooked foods from plant or animal sources. Plant sources such as grains, beans and legumes or “clean” animal sources as seen in Leviticus 11 such as eggs, chicken, fish, turkey and beef.

  • It is encouraged to eat with the seasons. Choose fresh, local foods in your area. You may eat more raw or more cooked, depending on the climate of where you live.

  • Although many would consider raw dairy a part of a healthy diet, our opinion is that it is best avoided in all forms, raw or pasteurized. Read more about our experience with dairy >

  • Grains are best in whole food form and ideally consist of the ancient seed grains such as quinoa, millet, amaranth & buckwheat. Learn more about the best grains to eat >

  • Sweet can be enjoyed in the form of fruit and honey with other options like maple syrup and palm sugar in moderation.

  • To learn more about a healthy diet, join our Eating by Design Program.

Healing Diet

A healing diet is a program that encourages you to consume 100% of ONLY fruits, vegetables and greens. Usually the focus is on fruits as your best hydrators, cleansers, energizers and healers, however an individual’s current health condition may determine whether a raw or cooked food approach is best to begin your healing journey. A healing diet focuses on cleansing and detoxification which means none of the foods would interfere with this process. Consuming “healthier” versions of dairy, grains, sugars and meats are still damaging and congesting to a body that is already sick or unhealthy. A healing diet takes almost all of the burden off digestion and allows the body to enter into a “healing mode” where it starts to eliminate toxins and poisons. This begins the process of health restoration. A person will likely never find true detoxification or healing by simply changing to a “healthier” diet. It is ideal to work with a health practitioner to help guide you along the journey for your individual health. A healing diet can be more challenging both physically and emotionally, and often involves changing our food habits, simplifying food combinations and choosing levels of fasting; but the rewards are great as you take the steps toward healing and restoration.

What is a Healing Diet?

  • 100% ONLY fruits, vegetables and greens that are either raw or cooked depending on your specific health situation.

  • Fruits can be your best hydrators, cleansers, energizers and healers.

  • Avoid even the healthier versions of dairy, grains, complex sugars and meats as they interfere with the cleansing process.

  • Limiting fats is key to the cleansing process

  • A healing diet is used during cleanses and for short seasons of deeper detoxification and healing.

  • This can be the preferred diet of choice for one looking for optimal health.

  • To learn more about assisting a healing diet, check out our Spirit of Health Cleansing Programs or call our office for a consultation at 816-492-5648.