15 Travel Essentials We Never Leave Home Without

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Berkey Water Filter Sport Bottle

Fill water from anywhere with the 22 oz Berkey Water Filter Sport Bottle. It’s safe, BPA Free, and the built-in filter removes toxic chemicals, making it the ideal water bottle for travel.

Adrenal Pills

Stress and lack of sleep, especially when traveling, can lead to weakened Adrenal glands. Strengthen and support your Adrenals with Ridgecrest Herbals Adrenal Fatigue Fighter. Bring this formula on your trip to restore and maintain energy levels while promoting mental clarity.

Trail Mix

Snack on Raw Organic Superfood Trail Mix for a healthy snack. With raw organic almonds, cashews, pumpkin seeds, and berries, this trail mix is a snack the whole family can enjoy.

The Strength of Samson Blend

Stay healthy during your trip with the support of the Strength of Samson Blend. This nutrient-dense herb blend is packed with protein, enzymes, superfoods, and adaptogen herbs for strength and recovery during a tiring travel day. Just mix a few teaspoons in a smoothie, nut milk, tea, water, or any other beverage of choice each day for healthy travels.

Water X

Reduce bloating associated with flights and car rides with Ridgecrest Water X. This herbal formula fights water retention and supports the fluid balance in body tissues to support a more comfortable way to travel.

Essential Oils

With a calming and relaxing aroma, DoTERRA Serenity is the perfect travel companion for reduced stress and tension. Breathe in the aroma or use topically for calm emotions during a flight, family reunion, work meeting, or before bed for a restful nights sleep.


Traveling overseas? Don’t forget to pack our Dr. Morse GI-Broom supplement to rid of ailments such as parasites, food poisoning, and issues with digestion. These organic capsules remove toxic buildup and chemicals on the intestinal wall which is the perfect thing to you adjust to new foods while traveling.


Traveling can bring on stress and a lack of sleep. Feel calm and rested with Ananda Hemp Full Spectrum CBD Gels. Bring these gels on your next trip to support your mood and provide a sense of calm.

Car Diffuser

Unwind during a long car ride with GreenAir Portable Car Breeze Essential Oil Diffuser. This diffuser releases a healthy aroma of essential oils to create a calming car ride with immune boosting properties. Fits all 12V jacks for a relaxing diffuser on-the-go.


When you’re feeling under the weather, try a quick nasal spray of Shen Blossom Protect. This herbal formula fights pathogens and boosts your immune system for instant relief when traveling.

Hand Sanitizer

Cleanse your hands while traveling with our Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier. A dab of this all-natural hand sanitizer cleans your hands without the harmful chemicals found in traditional hand sanitizer. Travel sizes are available for easy packing and access.

Olive Gold

Prevent blemishes, sterilize cuts, and soothe burns on-the-go with Olive Gold. This multi-purpose formula is a great choice for first-aid remedy with many other health benefits. Pack it with your essentials for a quick remedy when traveling.

Dry Shampoo

For convenient hair care on the go, try Volcanic Powder Dry Shampoo for shiny and healthy hair. This dry shampoo contains the finest clays, minerals, and botanicals to absorb excess oils while nourishing the scalp for an added boost of volume. Pack it with your essentials for a quick fix in the morning or night.

Menstrual Cup

Make traveling with your period easy with the Genial Day Menstrual Cup. A menstrual cup that’s comfortable, hypoallergenic, eco-friendly, and free of any silicon or latex for worry-free movement all week.

Facial Mist

Traveling can have a very drying effect on your face, especially during a flight. Stay hydrated with the Alaffia Coconut Reishi Rose Facial Mist. Soothing coconut and nourishing reishi, balance and restore the skin for a little pick me up on the go or in the air.