Beautiful Skin Based on God's Design


What is the skin?  Our skin is the largest organ in our body.  It is also our largest elimination pathway for toxins.  In other words, the body will eliminate acid wastes, toxins and chemicals out of the skin if necessary.  God's design of the human body is to NOT use the skin unless absolutely necessary.  Let me explain...

God is an amazing designer.  We are designed to stay clean and healthy.  Processed foods, chemicals and lack of exercise has caused our bodies to become sick and congested.  God gave us kidneys, the spleen, the colon, the liver and an entire network of lymphatic vessels to remove toxins and waste from the body in order to keep us healthy.  When the system gets backed up, and the main elimination pathways mentioned above are weak or congested, the body forces toxins out through the skin.  It doesn't want to, but it has to!  

God wants you to have clean, healthy blood.  This is the job of the elimination organs and systems of the body, to keep the blood clean.  God loves you too much (you were designed in His image right?) to allow poisons to stay in your bloodstream.  Therefore, out they come through the skin.  People are upset and confused about their skin conditions.  Doctors and dermatologists have no answers except man-made chemicals, creams and salves that do nothing to heal the true issues going on inside of your body.

Whether you have acne, psoriasis, eczema, skin tags, liver spots, dry skin, rosacea or any number of other named skin conditions, they are a sign, a signal, an attempt at communication from your Creator that a problem is taking place.  Are we listening?  Or are we running to doctors?  

What is the answer?  Clean up your nutrition.  Eliminate processed foods, dairy, grains and too much meat.  Avoid coffee, soda and other dehydrating beverages.  Clean your colon, kidneys, lymphatic systems and liver.  Your skin will be beautiful.  God designed you to look beautiful, if we choose His way, His foods, His medicine and His heart.  Your skin is quite simply a reflection of the internal health of your body.  We spend millions trying to cosmetically make our skin look beautiful.  Haven't we heard our entire lives that true beauty comes from the inside?  It is true and is also true for your hair, skin and nails.