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Energy & Crystal Healing Therapies From a Christian Perspective

At Spirit of Health, we are excited to announce that we are adding new healing therapies, and will continue to do so, as the Lord leads us. As we expand, I feel it is important to briefly address the general concept of energy, energy medicine, frequencies, and crystals, especially among our fellow Christian community.

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Partnering With God - Class 9, Cancer

A heartbreaking subject because of the suffering and loss of human life. This video reveals the lies and deception of the medical industry, how cancer and disease has become a business and the truth that God has been removed from our medical system. God can and DOES heal cancer, all the time.

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Partnering with God - Class 7, Sugar & Diabetes

Diabetes was never a part of God's plan. It is entirely a man-made disease created by poor diet and lifestyle choices. Yes, Type I diabetes is a bit different, but can be healed also. God can heal anything, any time! But it helps if we partner with Him in the healing by walking in God's design.

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