Designed for Health: The Future Looks Bright


As we reflect on 2015, I have really learned a lot and wanted to share a little from my heart. My goal is to encourage you towards a new year full of hope and healing! Here are some key aspects related to health I wanted to share, at both the physical and spiritual level. May it touch you in some way to bring you into greater promise for the future.

1. I learned that diet change isn't enough. Ouch. That's tough to hear considering simple diet changes are tough for so many of us today in a culture of convenience, junk foods, processed foods, fast food and grocery stores. Having worked with thousands of people, I have seen diet changes make a profound impact on the lives of many people. Choosing God's foods of Genesis 1:29 (fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds and the like) and eliminating processed foods is beneficial, and it is ALWAYS the first step to better health. We are either working with God's design or working against God's design based on the foods we eat. This is a vital truth we must learn for better health. When diet change isn't enough, the reason is...

2. CLEANSING is the key to health! Changing our diet, and stopping the bombardment of processed foods is a good first step. But it won't fully cleanse the body, especially in chronic heath situations. God is an amazing designer and you are designed with TENS OF THOUSANDS OF MILES of tubes; cardiovascular vessels, lymphatic vessels, bile ducts and other piping. When the pipes get clogged, acidosis sets in, and degeneration starts. We first call this headaches, stomach aches, back pain, acid reflux, acne and rashes, and as it develops we call it multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue, diabetes and cancer. These are varying levels of a vessel, designed by an amazing God, that has been overtaken by toxicity and congestion.

3. We should have no fear of sickness and disease. What an amazing concept. Do we believe the medical system of petro-chemical drugs, chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, a diagnosis with no cure, life-long drug therapy with no alternatives and hopelessness? Why do we believe what "experts" tell us? The medical system breeds on fear and we take toxic drugs and therapies hook, line and sinker, while the system makes us sicker and drains our pocketbooks. The truth is that God is a healer. He hasn't changed, WE HAVE! We must choose health and life, through God's creation and design. Our body is so amazing, we should be immune to disease! How many people would actually believe this? Imagine a culture of people living into their 100's and "full of years" as the Bible calls it. What has happened? We have chosen poorly. But God is always waiting for our return with open arms!

At some point, we must see the reality of what is happening in our world. We must realize that we have turned from God's design and created a culture of poor health. It is affecting us and sadly, our children even worse. As Christians, we have been mostly deceived into believing what we eat or how we treat our body doesn't matter. I am telling you IT MATTERS!

The journey towards divine health isn't an easy one. There is no magic pill or easy button. It takes hard work. Following God isn't easy in a world sold out to pleasure, convenience and dullness.

Yet I give you this promise, with confidence because I know my God! You are designed for divine health, free of sickness and disease. ANY sickness can be reversed if we follow the principles of God's design. I never said it would be easy, but WITH GOD, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE! Don't believe in any diagnosis you have received, but believe in the living God for 2016! Opt out of a man-made medical system of drugs that keep you sick, and choose the healing powers of God's creation.

Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers. "3 John 2"