God is the Author of Life, Sunshine Part 2 - Sunshine does not Cause Disease


It is interesting that the Hebrew word for sun (Shemesh), as used throughout the Old Testament, means "to be brilliant."  I think the sun is brilliant, in every definition of the word.  God is brilliant.  He is a brilliant designer and He is worthy of our praise.  He designed this planet for us, as our dwelling place, and He does not make mistakes with His design.  My joke is that God created the sun and the moon (Genesis 1:16) but then later in the chapter God realized He made a mistake and the sun actually causes sickness and disease.  Of course that seems silly!

Yet what are we told today?  What do we believe?  We are told the sun is harmful.  We are told the sun actually CAUSES cancer.  We are told to wear sunglasses.  We are told that UV light is dangerous and should be avoided at all costs.  We are told to wear sunscreen for protection.  We are told that getting tan is dangerous.  We are told that "spots" that appear on the skin is sun damage.

Who tells us these things?  Do we believe the media, doctors, sunglass companies, the sunscreen industry or supposed "experts" because they have some degree?  There are millions of people and billions of dollars that want you to believe the sun is bad for you and dangerous.  There are a lot of jobs and dollars that are dependent on you doing everything possible to block the very nature and essence of God from entering your body.

How long will it take us to realize the truth about the sun?  How long will our generation hide from the sun and believe it is bad for us?  When might we "see the light" and realize that God's creations are good for us.  We don't even think about it.  Our culture has been so indoctrinated with believing what the medical industry and the media tells us, that we have lost logic and common sense. The minute we walk outside, we put on sunglasses.  As soon as we go to the beach, we put on sunscreen.  We robotically do these things without even attempting to absorb any natural sunshine.


Here is the truth.  The sun is amazing for you, life-giving and healthy in every way.

  1. The sun does not cause cancer, but it prevents and reverses cancer.
  2. We should not be wearing sunglasses.  In fact, sunlight getting into the eyes is crucial for human health (to be discussed in detail in a future post)!
  3. UV light is NOT dangerous, but actually crucial for human health
  4. We should not wear chemical sunscreens that damage our skin cells and block the sun from entering our bodies (yes, natural sunscreens are ok and we do want to use common sense and avoid getting burned).
  5. Getting tan is incredibly healthy (not through tanning beds).  We know tan looks good, but we are so deceived into believing tanning is bad for us or going to lead to cancer.
  6. And finally, spots appearing on the skin from sun exposure are NOT disease.  It is actually God trying to heal us!


Getting tan is incredibly healthy and we know that a tan looks good too.

Let me briefly explain.  Light attempts to heal, it is the very nature of God.  When our body is full of toxins (sickness, darkness, disease) exposure to light will attempt to expose and remove that sickness.  If your body (especially your liver) is full of toxins, the sun will DRAW those toxins out of the body in an attempt to eliminate the toxicity.  The brown spots are the toxins.  God just helped you by pulling those toxins out of your blood, liver or other organs.  And our medical system erroneously calls this disease!

So how do you get rid of "liver spots" or "sun spots?"  Clean up the inside of your body.  Cleanse your liver and blood, and watch those spots disappear.  Allow the sun to expose the darkness and sickness inside of you and BRING IT TO THE LIGHT!  God really is good and He really does want to help us and heal us along this journey.


Action step

Let's try breaking the cultural "norm" of blocking the sun.  Try exposing your body to healthy morning sunshine without sunscreen.  Try not wearing sunglasses (unless you absolutely need them for driving) and see how it feels.  If feeling adventurous, try watching a few minutes of the sunrise or sunset (people have been doing this for thousands of years and no, you won't go blind).