The Blessing of Spring


My wife is from Hawaii and we go back to visit every year, often to get a break from the winter. People always ask me if it is tough to come back. Of course it is! However, I grew up in the Midwest living with the seasons and I absolutely love the creativity of God in each of these four distinct seasons.

And spring is my favorite! Why? Spring speaks of growth, renewal and a fresh start. We see green shooting through everywhere as life comes forth from hibernation. Spring is also a great time for cleansing and for healing. After a few months of cabin fever, we have the glorious opportunity to go outside again. Spring is the expression of God in its finest form, life!

God is a living God and He wants personal connection with each of us. I know many people, myself included, who strongly connect to God through nature. Why is that? Remember Genesis 2:7, that God formed us from dust of the earth. We are intimately connected to God’s creation and all that grows in this earth He designed for us. Unfortunately in the midst of our air conditioned homes, cars and reliance on technology, we have lost touch with nature. Native people always honored and appreciated the earth. We have built cities, synthetic materials, fake food and we exercise in gyms on machines.

If you haven’t experienced it, I am telling you that God will encounter you in nature! Nature embodies the essence of who He is. Our message at Spirit of Health has never changed, “We must choose God’s creations over the things of man.” How do we do that? We begin to say no to television, treadmills, cell phones (yes I have one too ), video games, petro-chemical pharmaceutical drugs, chemotherapy, processed junk foods, fast food and the like. And we begin to say, "yes" to trees, sunshine, herbs for medicine, allowing your child to watch a spider build a web over playing video games, exercising outside on the grass, waking in nature, camping, lighting candles at night and turning off all electronics, and real food that actually grows out of the ground in its purest form.

Have you ever dealt with stress or anxiety? It is a huge cultural problem. Close your eyes and imagine. You are outside by a beautiful gently flowing river, your bare feet in the grass, with the power of the sun warming your face and body. You have a bird chirping in the distance as you feel the cool breeze touching your face. Are you still stressed? God is the answer to our stress problem. So relax, get outside, get wet, get dirty and enjoy all that God has to offer this spring. Get your bare feet on the earth, sunshine on your face, a nice walk in the woods, a refreshing dip in a river, and start a garden!

An old ancient proverb says “The key to longevity is having a garden.”

We plant a garden every year. There is power in watching life spring forth before your eyes. It is the power of God. There is no power of God in twizzlers or coca-cola. Your body doesn’t understand processed chemicals which is why they damage the body. The power of God is found in His creation! So bless yourself and your children this year by planting a garden and learning how food really grows. I am not and never have been a great gardener. You don’t have to be. You will have some successful plants and some failures. Just go for it!

Choose God, choose life! God is the same yesterday, today and forever. He hasn’t changed, we have! We have chosen man-made creations that have separated us from the living God. This year is your year to re-connect! See you outside!

- Vaughn