Sunshine & Immunity


God made the sun for us, and for all life on this earth.  It isn't bad for us.  It is wonderful for us! We are actually designed to absorb light. Why does your skin have pigment (melanin) that gets darker as you are exposed to more sunlight? God is a great designer. It helps us to ABSORB MORE LIGHT.

Animals love to be in the sun. Plants run and stretch out to the sun. We should be in the sun also. The more light we absorb, the stronger our bodies and the stronger our immune system. We are governed by light, the coming up and going down of the sun. Sunshine makes everything grow and we would have no food without the sun. My point is, we need the sun!

The body heats up to kill an infection. This is why we get fevers. If you put anything out in the bright sun of the day, the sun will kill any germs, bacteria or viruses on the item. The more sunshine on your body, the stronger your immune system! The more tan you are, the stronger your immune system will be. If your goal is to have good health and be free of infections, using heat and sunshine is the way to go.

It is time we re-connect to our creator and embrace what He has freely given to us. 

Sunshine, fresh clean water, fruits, vegetables, green foods and herbs bring and restore life to the body. Regardless of your age or health situation, there is a life-giving God at your fingertips if we choose it!