Choose God - Choose Life


So I would like to take us on a journey of life. Life is found in our Creator and it is all around us if we know where to look.  We should turn off the television, close the newspapers and turn off the radio.  Could we remove ourselves from technology, bad news, darkness and the lies of the enemy that tells us diseases are incurable, our genetics make us helpless and aging is some type of plague that results in degenerative illness beyond our control?

Can we believe that health and medicine is found beyond synthetic man-made pharmaceutical drugs, cutting on or removing parts that don't seem to be working, radiation burn therapies and chemical poisons such as chemotherapy?


Is there a better way?

God says YES!  Look up AND look around.

We are good at looking up, praying or sometimes begging God for help.  That is good.  He desires that we seek Him out.  He loves to do miracles.  But are we looking around?  Are we embracing ALL that God would have for us, which includes His beautiful design and creation?

The next few dozen posts (I have no idea how many) are going to focus on LIFE.  How to restore health and increase vitality which is God's desire for all of us!  Remember that Satan is the author of death, as a result of sin.  Overcoming sin and choosing God is where we find life.

If you want to heal from sickness or disease, increase strength, stamina, energy and vitality, have NO FEAR of sickness, disease or death than jump on the JESUS train!

Life is a choice.  Choosing Jesus is a choice.  And choosing the things of God is also a choice.

"Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning"  -James 1:17


a glimpse of what to look forward to in future posts. 

I will do my best to tie all of these concepts to scripture, which is actually quite simple considering food, health and healing are common themes throughout the entire Bible.

  • Jesus miracles - The blood, the power, the faith!
  • Water - It is the river of life, flowing from the throne room and out of the Garden of Eden.  God gave us water, our body is 75% water.  Is this our choice?  Or is it soda, kool-aid, and energy drinks?
  • Earth, dirt and clay - God fashioned us out of the ground, what does that mean?
  • Food - Genesis 1:29 is a clear description of what God gave us to eat and there are hundreds of scriptures related to food.
  • Sunshine - Check Ecclesiastes 11:7.  It's one of my favorites.  God gave us the sun as a heritage.  It gives LIFE.  John told us that GOD IS LIGHT!
  • Plants, leaves, and herbs for medicine - From Genesis, to Ezekiel to Revelation and throughout the Bible.
  • The human body - Does God talk about the liver, kidneys, eyes, heart and more?  You bet!
  • Washing your hands, proper sanitation, and food preparation

The Bible is the instruction manual that has all we need for life.  But we do have to choose into it.  We must choose the things of God over the things of the world.  We must choose LIFE.  I am so excited to see what God has in store for myself, my family, my friends and YOU as we go on this journey together!