Top Dr. Morse Product Recommendations

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Dr. Morse has been studying detoxification using herbs for over 40 years. He uses only the highest quality herbs and has created amazing formulas that have been used for years to assist in cleansing and healing people around the world. We are thankful to partner with such a fantastic company. Below are some of our favorite formulas from Dr. Morse.

Endocrine Balance

This formula covers a wide variety of issues related to hormones as it balances the thyroid, adrenals, and pituitary glands. Women especially benefit from Dr. Morse's formula as it improves their cycle, mood, sleep, and energy.

Adrenal Gland Tonic

Made from powerful Chinese herbs like juniper berry and wild yam, this tonic from Dr. Morse supports the adrenals for a natural boost in energy, mood, strength, and endurance.

Circulation Tonic

Simple to take yet highly effective, this potent tincture removes inflammation and congestion as it strengthens the vascular system. It's been known to improve issues like poor circulation, spider veins, dizziness, memory, balding, fatigue, and so much more.

Kidney & Bladder Tonic III

The kidneys are vital for flushing out toxins. Made from powerful herbs, this Dr. Morse's formula cleanses and restores kidney and bladder tissues for optimal health and well-being.

Brain & Nervous System Tonic

This tonic is ideal for people looking to support their cognitive function and nervous system. The organic and wildcrafted herbs in this formula improve issues related to memory, brain fog, migraines, depression, spinal injuries, and even epilepsy.

Parasite M

Highly potent, this herbal formula is amazing at killing microbial infestations, including viruses, bacterium, fungi, yeast, and more.

Stomach & Bowels Tonic #5

The most powerful of Dr. Morse's Stomach and Bowels Tonics, number 5 is made especially for people dealing with chronic constipation. The blend of potent herbs naturally helps your bowels move and become regular again.

Bone & Connective Tissue Support

These herbs work to strengthen and rebuild tissues, especially bones, cartilage, and connective tissue. The formula has a high source of calcium for healthy bones and silica for collagen production.

Liver & Gallbladder Tonic

This is a go-to for cleansing, enhancing, and rebuilding the liver and gallbladder tissue. The herbal blend helps with chronic fatigue, anger, constipation, diarrhea, poor digestion, and more.