Enema 101


What is an enema?

An enema is simply a procedure to flush waste out of the colon.  Water is used to gently wash and flush the colon of unwanted debris.


Why is it important to do an enema?

Enemas are important because many people have impacted fecal matter in their colon that is negatively affecting their health, and most do not even realize it.  It is important for the colon to remain clear to take stress off the other elimination organs, such as the kidneys, liver and lymphatic system, so they may cleanse and function properly.


Who should do an enema?

Anyone can safely do an enema.  Throughout history enemas have been a normal part of healthy hygiene.  From infants to the elderly, enemas can be performed as needed to assist the cleansing and healing process.


How often should I do an enema?

This depends on your goals.  While cleansing, it is recommended to do an enema once or even twice daily.  For maintenance or when not cleansing, many will do an enema once or twice weekly.  Contrary to popular belief, if done properly, enemas can be administered safely on a daily basis.


What is the difference between an enema and a colonic (colon hydrotherapy)?

Colonics are a deeper level of cleansing.  While an enema may flush your colon with 1-2 quarts of water, a colonic session could flush 50+ gallons of water through the colon.  If your goal is long-term healing, it is encouraged to have a quality home enema kit.


What enema kits work the best?

We prefer something called the Implant-O-Rama, but any enema kit will work.  For a home colonic experience, try a colema board.

Kit Options:


How do I do an enema?

  1. Make sure you have all of your supplies (they should be in your kit):

    1. Bag

    2. Nozzle

    3. Hose

    4. Clamp

  2. Administering the Enema:

    1. Hang your enema bucket at a height of approximately 3 to 4 feet with the hose clamped.
    2. Have your Enema solution ready and pour into your bucket.
    3. Release clamp and let the liquid flow to the end of the nozzle, releasing all of the air in the hose.  Immediately re-clamp the hose.
    4. Lie on your left side or your back with your knees bent.
    5. Lubricate the tube and your rectum gently.
    6. Insert the tube into the rectum gently.
    7. Release the clamp and let the solution flow very slowly into your colon. A steady, slow flow will make it more comfortable. Relax and breathe deeply to minimize discomfort.
    8. Massage your abdomen in a counter-clockwise direction to move the solution deeper into the colon.
    9. Stop the flow when you get a feeling of fullness or when you have used all of your solution.
    10. Remove the tube or nozzle from the rectum.
    11. Try to retain the enema for at least 2 minutes.
    12. Expel the enema. It also helps to massage the abdomen in a clockwise direction to bring the solution towards the rectum.
    13. *Note. Try to do two quarts of water per enema for a better effect. The implant-o-rama makes this much easier. A colema board is ideal because you can wash your colon with 5 gallons or more of water at one time, and also add nutrients as you desire.

What kinds of enemas can you do?

  1. Warm water is great for starting out. Distilled water is best for cleansing, but any purified water is fine.
  2. Fresh lemon juice is one of the best enemas you can do. Lemon emulsifies and breaks down fat, cleanses the bowels, alkalizes the tissues and cleanses the liver. Juice of 1/2 or 1 whole lemon per quart.
  3. Baking Soda is the best overall cleanser and alkalizer for the colon and body. (1 teaspoon upwards of 3 Tablespoons of baking soda per quart) Make sure Baking Soda is food grade only!
  4. Coffee is a great cleanser and liver detoxifier. Coffee is to be done only short-term for a cleanse. Coffee should never be done long-term, as it can cause acidity and addiction. It also can strip minerals from the body and lead to dehydration. Use only SA Wilson's Coffee or Pure Life. Add 3T fresh ground coffee to a quart of water, boil on low 15 minutes on stove. Allow to cool to body temperature, strain and use.
  5. Heal-All Tea, lymphatic tea,liver tea, chamomile or other as indicated by your health care provider.
  6. Parasite herbs are very powerful and effective for adding to enema. Black Walnut by Dr Clark Stores. You can add 2-3 droppers of a tincture, or up to 1 teaspoon of black walnut per quart enema.


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